APC Government has killed our young men and women for Praying; they have killed our people for celebrating a judicial victory of Nnamdi Kanu, they have killed our people for celebrating electoral victory of President Trump. They have killed our youth for remembering the death of over 2 million of our people willfully starved to death by the Nigerian Government during the Genocide between 1966 -167.

Now, the same APC Government wants to organise rallies in Igboland so that their merchants of death and crumb seekers will become our Governors, Senators and honourable Members. May Chukwu Abiama, God of Abraham forbid an abomination!.

This is my advice to the peace loving young men and women of Igboland:

WHAT NOT TO DO: On the day of their rally, do not protest or block the road. They will kill some more if given the opportunity. Killing is in their blood because they are offsprings of Satan.

WHAT TO DO: On the day of the rally, go there and sit down at the rally. When those murderers who think they are leaders decide to start talking, you stand up and sing the first stanza of the Amazing Grace song, followed by the Funeral song “Lord be with you till we meet again”.

Until a Judicial inquiry is conducted into all the extra-judicial killings done by the APC Government in Igboland and those responsible brought to justice, APC has no moral grounds to conduct a public event in Igboland nor do they have a right to seek to lead a people for whom they have no guarantee of safety of their lives.

Written by  a Biafran patriot Josh Amaezechi.


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