Barcelona are firing on all cylinders going into Sunday’s clash with Levante, having posted ten straight wins, but Luis Enrique isn’t getting carried away: “We’re on a good run, but it’ll definitely be tough. It’s always difficult taking on teams that get men behind the ball. It’s a challenge and we’re going to try to deal with it effectively”.

Getting the breakthrough when the opposition park the bus: “We’ve got the best positional attack in the world. We’re used to playing against teams that sit back and no one attacks as well as we do in such situations”.

The risk of complacency: “Without doubt it’s a potential banana skin. All matches require intensity. Football’s a funny game: a team who barely attack can end up winning. We have to go all out from the first minute”.

On taking it a game at a time: “In my opinion, all we can do is focus on our next game. We trail Real Madrid in the league and we need the points no matter what”.

On Barcelona vs Real Madrid: “Let’s see where we are in the table when it’s ‘Clásico’ time”.

On set pieces: “We work on our set pieces every week, before every game. We look at where we can hurt the opposition going forward. The players can improve those stats and that’s what we’re working on”.

On Javier Mascherano, Andrés Iniesta and Claudio Bravo training on their day off: “The players are free to do whatever they want. Being ready for a game is equally as important as being rested. It’s important for every player to do whatever they feel is best”.

On Lionel Messi: “Leo’s stats are unreal. Not only as a goalscorer, but also in terms of the silverware he’s won”.

On penalty takers: “It’s the players who make the decisions out on the pitch. We have designated penalty takers, but in a team of this calibre there are plenty of players capable of taking penalties or free kicks, but they have the final say”.

On the Camp Nou faithful: “The fans in the stands offer their unconditional support and that helps us. We’re stronger with them behind us”.

On winning ten straight games: “We mustn’t blow things out of proportion when things are going well, or exaggerate them when we lose two games on the bounce. I believe in giving a final evaluation at the end of the campaign”.

On Josep Maria Bartomeu being charged: “Being charged doesn’t mean anything. Let’s wait for the judge’s ruling”.

Has it affected the team?: “This team and this club are no strangers to controversy. I don’t think it’ll influence the players”.



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