There is no big deal in the fight between two of the great men fighting for the restoration of Biafra, hating against each other. It is a legitimate sibling feud. It is not strange. Palestine that is fighting Israel for nationhood has more than 4 groups. They all hate one another. All other nations facing our similar situation have many different groups fighting for the same cause.

Had it been we had different armed groups including guerilla groups in the first coming of Biafra, probably we would not have lost. So let the useful idiots not try to cash in the dispute between Uwazuruike and Nnamdi Kanu to talk nonsense. These men have made great impacts in this struggle and none of them will be forgotten. As to who would be a better leader, that will be decided by the great people of Biafra in a general election and that would be if these groups would be able to transform to political parties. Cabals will not have place in the government of Biafra.

On the other hand, there is the group of people, those I strictly refer to as useful idiots, they openly tell you, I want Biafra. I like Biafra but not the type of Nnamdi kanu. Why? They will tell you he is cursing everybody, disrespecting elders. He is rude and preaches violence. That’s good observation. But hey, go found your own group that will use your method to fight for the Biafra of your dreams. Nnamdi kanu is using the best method that will send his messages and it is working perfectly.

It would not be unwholesome if a guerilla group emerges to add to the struggle. It would not be uncommon for a moderate group that would agitate by strict dialogue to emerge. I would like for every mouth in the east to be demanding for Biafra.


Onyema uche.


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