It is about the scheming going on in the south-east region today. It is about Anambra2017 gubernatorial elections. A lot of movements are being made. Cross-over would-have-dignitaries are moving or rushing to APC. Too many names are emerging as potential candidates under APC. I need not mention their names.

On the other hand PDP is positioning and repositioning strategizing on how to wrestle power from APGA. The peter Obi camp are already acting Peter Obi will rule Anambra through any candidate PDP fronted.

APGA nick named Aguleri progressive Agenda, is bragging that willy Obiano must win as if it is his right. It is obvious that those supporting Obiano seem to place food over the lives of our people. Soon they will be properly schooled on how to access a good government.

My message is this, Ndigbo must send a strong message to our political charlatans in Anambra2017, that we are tired of their failures and antics. We have a new standard for choosing our candidate. We reject APGA, we reject PDP, APC or any mega party as being promoted on facebook.

I want to pose a few questions here. If any of the eastern governors fail more than two that governor will not have a second chance.

1. Would hell fall if south-eastern governors forum meet and release a communique demanding for the release of Nnamdi kanu and all the detained Biafra agitators? Would Buhari kill all of them if they did?

2. Is there any reason why not even a governor from the east has called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu?

3. Why hasn’t our NASS representatives jointly made a pronouncement demanding for the release of kanu?

Demanding for the release of Nnamdi kanu is not and does not mean support for Biafra. It is all about justice and equity.

4, why is there no southeastern joint project? Projects like, eastern shopping mall built jointly by the governors?

5. Why is there no agitation from our governors and NASS representatives on the issues we cry about?

6. Do you think that the governors and representatives who do not fight for justice for our murdered people will come to your defence when your enemies come for your life?

Are these the type of people will continue to elect in our region?

If you agreed with me on these, then say no to PDP, APC and APGA and the so called mega party in Anambra2017.

Patiently wait for the candidate UPP will present to you.

We want to make it right this time.

Onyema uche.


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