How two brothers died inside freezer in Delta community 

AGBOR—WHEN 34-year-old Mr. Andrew Oseni, a father of three, who hails from Edo State, locked up his two sons, David and Shedrack, aged six and four, respectively, at his home in Agbor, Delta State, to attend to his daily business, he never knew that calamity was lurking around the corner. It was his habit to padlock the entrance door, with kitchen door slightly opened, while he and his wife go in search of daily bread. But his very last attempt proved fatal. How two brothers died inside freezer in Delta community – 

Oseni, who left his children at about 2.30pm, returned two hours later, about 4.20pm, to meet them stone dead. He did not initially locate them in the house when he entered, but a thorough search revealed their remains inside a freezer in his apartment.

The grief-stricken father told Niger Delta Voice that he called the children by their names, when he returned, but they did not answer. He said he searched every corner of the house, until he came to where the freezer is and found N10 notes dotting the floor.

How I found them”

He said: “I decided to open my freezer to find out if there is water as I sell pure water and ice cube, only to discover that inside the freezer was dark. “I touched inside and felt a cold spasm round my body, which was how I brought out my sons one after the other. I immediately raised alarm and neighbours came and took them to the hospital, where they were confirmed dead.

“Neighbours, who came to my rescue, said they never heard any noise come out of my apartment, hence nobody suspected or knew that anything was happening.” Mr. Oseni, who claimed the death of his children was spiritual attack from enemies, said he would fight back those that killed his children, too.

The matter was reported at Owa-Oyibu Police Station, Boji-Boji, Ika North-East Local Government Area, Delta State. Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Celestina Kalu, who confirmed the death of the children, told Niger Delta Voice that investigations were still on.


  1. Having gone through the statement made by Andrew Oseni, the Father of David and Shedrack, I have no hesitation to come to the conclusion that,he has only fabricated what must only have been originated from his fertile imagination, in order to set himself free from killing his children. But for prove of evidence against him, You need specialist on behaviour, Specialist on reconstituting what happen, Scientific police investigators, not just police officers, Specialist on DNA test, ,professional Legal Prosecutors,, Criminal Brigade Investigation Department, Scientific Criminal Police. Before you talk of filing charges against him. If not, there is every likelyhood of him escaping judgment or conviction. Because all his statement is nothing but lies, well calculated, but no sense in it at all. Thank you. M.G. Yakubu


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