They promised you CHANGE here is the CHANGE they changed the number from 53 to 10, see how media lie, 53 innocent Biafrans murder by jihadist army of nigeria.
They try hard to hide the truth, Aljazeera CEO Nigel Parsons also happened to be TVC CEO.
TVC News is a 24-hour television news channel owned by Continental Broadcasting Service Nigeria Ltd (Bola Ahmed Tinubu APC chairman ) ., based in Lagos.From its inception the network promoted itself as the “first Pan-African news agency” with plans to open offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Accra and Dakar. The channel airs on British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSY) in the UK, Naspers Ltd. (NPN)’s DStv and Startimes in Nigeria, and Multi TV in Ghana.
Its current CEO is Nigel Parsons, former head of Al Jazeera English, and its deputy CEO is Lemi Olalemi (Bola Ahmed Tinubu wife brother).
Oluremi Tinubu is the former first Lady and currently a Senator of Lagos State. She is a member of the All Progressives Congress
Now what does this have to do with Biafra? This are the people who killed 3.5 million Biafrans, they are nazi styled political ideologist with Sunni jihadist heading the party and regime (Buhari-Bola Tinibu).
Reading the army reason of murdering innocent Biafrans on the day we are meant to remember 3.5 million Biafra citizens  killed by the Nigeria government  its undoubtable that when critics branded Nigel Parsons  aljazeera as terror tv or Al-Qaeda network they were right, his not only Sunni terrorist tv front man but also Boko haram islamic state advance intel.
My Dear Biafra brothers and sisters,
If the history of skewed appointments since independence leaves any one in doubt about the emergence of a pattern, the Obasanjo and Buhari regime has cleared such doubts. No regime has betrayed so much disdain for the rights of the Igbo in its appointments as this two regime Obasanjo and Buhari regime. We review the appointment so far. It is important to stress that no Igbo has attained the position as executive head of state of Nigeria since the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war in 1970; also glass ceiling has been created to limit Igbo from attaining ministerial positions in the following departments: Defence, Foreign, Internal Affairs, etc
The absence of any person from the South-East zone contravenes section 14(3) of the 1999 constitution, especially as paragraph (1) of section 25 of part 1, 3rd schedule of the 1999 constitution dealing with the composition of the National security Council provides that two additional members may be appointed to the National Security Council at the president’s discretion.
ii Armed Forces:
The South East (Igbo) does not presently have any Major General or the ranks above it in the Nigerian Army, or the equivalent rank in the Nigerian Air Force and the Nigerian Navy and therefore, cannot produce any of the service Chiefs. Moreover, the number of officers of South-east (Igbo) zone is far short of the one sixth of the total as required by Section 14(3) of the 1999 constitution.
Social Dis-empowerment
Employment in the Federal Sector
In spite of this elaborate provision of the constitution that there should be predominance of a few ethnic or other sectional groups and in spite of the powers given to the Federal Character Commission in this regard, some ethnic groups and some sectional groups have continued to have predominance in share of employment at the expenses of some other ethnic groups especially Igbo.
The deliberate under-representation in aggregation of States, effected by giving Igbo ethnic group less number of States than its population merits is a predictable ploy to ensure that Igbo will be permanently short-changed in the distribution of employment and other resources. Today, Igbo (South-East) lag, in the distribution of employment and amenities, behind the Yoruba (South-West) and the Hausa-Fulani (North-West), the two other major ethnic groupings with which Igbo rank in population.
The situation in representations and employments in International Organizations in Nigeria shows a similar pattern of marginalisation. Even among the three southern zones Igbo have been worse off. It is a major path of the marginalisation plan and cynical divide-and-rule tactic that for all positions coming to the southern zones, those at the helm of affairs have always contrived to head such positions away from the Igbo zone (South East-south south) in favour of the other two zones especially the South West (Yoruba) in furtherance of the marginalisation of the Igbo.
Admittedly, some other zones from the north are also disadvantaged in terms of number of staff, but the reason, unlike the case of the South-East (Igbo) (where there is abundant and available relevant manpower in all fields of human endeavor), is that the zones have a paucity of the requisite manpower.
Racial Discrimination Exploitation
“Fortunately the oil statistics both of the major oil companies and of the Nigerian Government are available for study. For the month of December 1966 out of total production in Nigeria 36.5 per cent came from the Midwest, which was not part of Biafra. Of the Biafran production for that month, Lagos’ own figures show that 50 per cent came from Aba Province (pure Ibo area), 20 per cent from Ahoada Division (majority Ibo area), and 30 per cent from Ogoni Division and Oloibiri (Ogoni/Ijaw area).”
George Knapp
Aspects of the Biafran Affair, London
pp. 27, 28, 53 and 54
50% of Nigeria’s crude oil export come from Igbo speaking areas, and most of these areas have been carved out of Igbo states into non-Igbo states resulting in the separation of families and communities which has resulted in the further marginalisation of the Igbo nation.
The presence of Igbo, a diaspora people, boosts the population figures of their resident States in census counts. Also, the contributions of the Igbo residents help the economy of the States. Yet, the Igbo residents are denied the full benefits of citizenship in all such States in many subtle but effective ways. Such ways include:
Exclusion from the benefits of Federal Character Law:
Dispensations (such as scholarships and employments) which flow to States (which means explicit geo-political basis of States, not tribes) are shared by their governments exclusively to the indigenes, as against the stranger residents, normally Igbo.
Differential Civil Obligations:
Different tax assessments and school fees operate in favour of the indigenes, against the detriment of “stranger elements”, mainly Igbo (Biafra). The heavier loser in this legal network of exploitation is the Biafra land. In a country where population size is a vital variable in revenue sharing, Igbo land loses the head-count of millions of her children in diaspora during national census (Igbo in diaspora- outside South East zone, constitute at least 50% of the overall Igbo population).Yet she is made to bear and suffer the grim natal obligations for these millions whom Nigeria denies the full protection of citizenship and residency rights through the manipulations of “State of Origin” proviso.
Discrimination and attacks in business
“I was having a talk to Enahoro the other week and asked him whether Ibos would ever be allowed to move around Nigeria after the war. He replied, “Well the army boys tell me they do not intend to let more than 50,000 Ibos live outside the east Central State ever again”.
Senior Canadian Correspondent
The Biafra Story
Frederick forsyth
Igbo businesses suffer also from many other discriminating laws. In Katsina State, there was unprovoked molestation of Igbo entrepreneurs in August 1999, resulting in arson on Igbo hotels, restaurants and businesses. This was followed soon after by similar destruction in Zamfara State following the islamisation of the State. Again, all these acts seemed to enjoy immunity from the law. The nearest which Igbo got to an official acknowledgement of injustice was President Obasanjo’s reply to the letter of protest of Dr Orji Uzo Kalu, Governor of Abia State, in which he expressed his satisfaction that Katsina State Government had taken measures against recurrence of such incidents. Officialdom was, as usual, coldly silent on compensation for destroyed businesses or punishment of offenders.
Same body language of Mohamadu Buhari the current head of regime of Nigeria, its nos suprise that 53 Biafra citizen were slaughtered by the jihadist army of torture otherwise known as Joint task forces.
Society’s Scape-goats
“But even at this stage certain points can be made with absolute certainty. First, whatever has been done, the torture Military Government of Nigeria and its Head, the Supreme Commander, cannot escape responsibility in law.
“Second prima facie cases already exist against individual Nigerian Army commanders for instigation of, or responsibility for, distinct and numerous cases of mass murder over and above the requirements of war.
“Third, the charge of genocide is too big for the world authority vested by the signatories of the Convention in the United Nations to be required to wait for a post factum inquiry, or none at all. If the Convention is to rate as anything other than a useless piece of paper, a reasonable suspicion of genocide must suffice to bring investigation. This reasonable suspicious has been established months ago; and the United Nations is in breach of its own sworn word, embodied in Article One, so long as it continues to refuse to investigate. Lastly, whatever the Nigerians have done, the British Government of Harold Wilson has voluntarily made itself a total accomplice. As of December 1968 there can be no further question of neutrality, or ignorance, or a helping hand to a friendly government. The involvement is absolute.”
The Biafra Story
Frederick Forsyth
Finally, the Igbo has always been the favourite scapegoats of the various ethnic political and religious conflicts and clashes in the country. The property of Igbo are frequently looted whenever there is group conflict, whether or not the Igbo are involved.
Protection of the Law
In all the riots Igbo were made victims as they were killed and their property destroyed or looted. In the history of Nigeria, no government has ever offered compensation or any other form of redress to the Igbo even in cases of perfunctory official inquiries. Ndi Igbo (the Igbo) enjoy less protection of the law than any other ethnic group in Nigeria. A blood-chilling celebration of the licence of impunity to the rest of Nigeria in their treatment of Igbo citizens was the confident action of the mob who hoisted the head of a murdered Igbo citizen, Mr. Akaluka on a pole in a macabre street procession of triumph right in the presence of law enforcement agencies, in Kano, during an orgy of days of Igbo racial-baiting and massacres.
Just as Nigeria army of torture officers embarked on genocide campaign in slaughtering igbo young men and women in nkpor who had come out in honour of their ancestors who laid their life for the future, we condemn the barbaric murder peaceful Biafra citizen by the torture government of Nigeria.
One life is precious according to omenala igbo but fifty three of this precious gift to us, to be  cut short by gangster roaming about Biafra land in the name of Nigeria joint task forces

It’s has become daily occupancies for Nigeria security forces to murder unarmed igbo people in our ancestral land,

Those we looked up to for protection has failed to protect us rather they turned into monsters and eat up the little children kept their possession, it’s on this note that Biafra Government Exile along side Ekwenche and other progressive organisation ipob in Biafra and Exile is calling on global community.

We appeal to you Leaders of free nations and human rights activist to call on international human rights organizations to seek justice in the prosecution of the perpetrators and hold their leaders accountable for the murder of our children- citizens.

Over 53 young men and women  were shot starting 6am at nkpor Anambra province Biafra as they were in religious building having morning prayer for the dead heroes and heroines of Biafra while others were shot at various locations later as they  demonstrated the occupation and murder of 3.5 million Biafrans – the 49th anniversary since Nigeria forced Millions of Biafra out of our ancestral homes.
Our hearts are torn in anguish for the loss of children,fathers,mothers, sisters on daily bases most  young lives, dreams, and hopes were cut short by the JTF bullets that struck them.

Our people were murdered with the utmost cruelty and disregard for human life, at a time when our people were recalling the tragedy of Biafra genocide, a war of aggression  that befell upon us at the hands of the Nigeria occupation forces.

The people of Biafra attach high hopes that leaders of free nations and human rights activist will not let the perpetuators of this crime against humanity in nkpor go unpunished.

Arresting Nigeria defence ministers Mansur Dan Ali and police chief Sunday arase will be a good start to exert every possible effort at the international level to end the siege on Biafra , so that our children may live in peace and security in the land of the rising sun

In memory of all Igbo and other easterners massacred from 1914 to present in Nigeria; over 500,000 in 1966, over three million from 1966 to 1970, and hundreds of thousands since 1970 to the present.
Reaction by
Yahgozie Immanu-el


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