Our folks say that there is no smoke without fire somewhere which is responsible for it. The publication below, as crazy as it reads, is said to be making its rounds in political circles of the old North. Perhaps, the most dangerous aspect of this development is not only that many could be swallowing the document’s contents hook, line and sinker but that also official policies at the Aso Rock Villa may also be influenced by such a contraption. It now begins to make a modicum of sense why the Commander in-Chief recently ordered preemptive aerial bombardments using helicopter gunships armed with napalm and other lethal incendiary bombs in rural communities residing along the creeks of Akwa Ibom state under the pretext of going after crude oil thieves operating in the area.

The alleged scheme to dismember Nigeria was reportedly plotted in top secret meetings held in major foreign cities around the world. Names have been mentioned listing societal leaders of the Southeast and Southsouth geopolitical zones a.k.a. the Lower Niger Territory as masterminds of the said plot. The document carefully avoided even the mere mention of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) which is widely known throughout Nigeria as the undisputed champion of the self-determination rights of all ethnic nationalities who own and inhabit the Lower Niger territory. Avoidance of the LNC is likely due to the fact that what the entity stands for and its modus operandi are anything but secretive since the Congress’ activities are all conducted in the open. Furthermore, the document’s intent to “reveal” a secretive military-oriented conspiracy against the North and Nigerian state would fail to jive with some elements in the old North which have collaborated closely with the LNC in the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN). The LNC and its other partners in the MNN have clearly stated their disdain for the military option as the preferred approach to dissolving the present unitary Nigerian state that is predicated on the perpetual enslavement of the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger. For the sake of records, the LNC is working openly to organize a Referendum with which to ascertain the Lower Niger peoples’ interest and preparedness to exercise their God-given self-determination rights in the near future.

As remarked earlier, the motives for releasing this document are already being realized through the policy positions that are being implemented by the new Buhari administration. Contrary to expectations of the perpetrators, release of a document of this nature, in fact, helps to propel the agenda of the LNC and its other key partners in the MNN. But while some would hold their breath in great anticipation for the unleashing of the imagined military-oriented plot contained in this document, the LNC shall continue to put the finishing touches in its master plan to organize a Referendum among the federating ethnic nationalities of the Lower Niger. With the Referendum result in hand, all talk of military buildups and global alliances shall become inconsequential. The Sudan model is a living demonstration of the fact that a strong YES vote in a UN-monitored Referendum within the Lower Niger is, by far, more potent than the mighty army of Nigeria together with all the potential global alliances that it can ever rely upon to help in sustaining the unacceptable status quo.

Yes, there is indeed a carefully premeditated plot to put Nigeria out of its current existential misery by dismembering it into the four regional blocks proposed by the MNN in 2011. The four-regional map for dissolving Nigeria contrasts sharply with the caricature mosaic depicted in the said document being circulated in parts of the old North.


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