The indigenes of Biafra home and exiled on Shabbat 30th of may 2015 gathered all over the world in remembrance of Biafra genocide, from Aba province, to Enugu owerri ,porthercourt, London, Germany ,Chicago usa, Washington, Biafrans gathered to honour fallen heroes of Biafra nation who died during the Nigerian-Biafran war.

Numbering over a million the protest began as early as 9am, from Aba province the group gathered in front of Christ the King Catholic Cathedral church from where they took off in groups and marched through the streets of the commercial city, which lasted for over eight hours and cutting across Ogbor Hill, Aba-Owerri road, Tonimas-Umule axis, Ariaria, Port Harcourt road through Flyover Bus Stop, among others. Traffic was disrupted throughout their rally, even as the Nigeria imposed governor on the people of Biafra entourage had to take extra hours detours to make it through Ogbor hill to his Umuobiakwa country home.

Commuters, motorists and residents of Aba, trooped out in their numbers to to show their support to the fallen heroes of Biafra.

In Owerri the movement for actualization of sovereign stat of Biafra was confronted by Nigeria occupational police force in an order by half hausa Fulani parented state governor who took to twitter under the name @R_okorocha to share his anti-Biafra Anti-igbo view.

Also in owerri the leader of niger delta people volunteer force Asari dokubo spoke on important of history revaling his identity to his brethren who for years has lost touch with them, he recall down memeory lane whne his father the founder of “Edi abali” early igbo resistance arm against enslavement of the people.

While in uk London the movment took the street of London from west minister to Trafalgar square and painted the country in colour red black and green with rising sun in the middle wearing whites. Few people were seen with Israeli flag along side Biafra in uk, similar gesture was seen in Germany usa and Ireland.

Speaking, some members of the movments said that the movement was to honour all of the fallen heroes of Biafran, who died defending us during the Nigerian-Biafran war, adding that it’s part of the efforts to further push for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

According to Dr Justin Akujieze of Ekwenche research institute based in Chicago, “we are gathered here today in the year of 5780 CE of Biafra in the month of onwa Ano (the fourth month of the year) to pay befitting Biafra memorial Service and journey of remembrance to not only honour our heroes but to ask YAHNWE okike (creation the owner) to grant their spirit eternal rest in his kingdom, its our custom, through the ages for Biafrans to pay their respect to fellow departed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all families whose loved ones, father ,mother husband ,wife, children unborn children, nursing mothers, and many more were killed during the war and being killed, mained beheaded massacred on daily basis by Islamic jihadist in Nigeria and also all the massob members who died fighting for what they believe in which is justice.

Also speaking on behalf of former governor of Illinois Patrick Joseph “Pat” Quinn, Jr who made the proclamation and set days outside that Biafra tragedy may be remember and say never again is maazi Chimaobi Enyia in his word “ The governor reflects on this tragic conflict between the republic of Nigeria and the republic of Biafra, whereas during this sad time in history 3.5 million Biafrans were murdered, displaced, and forced into grievous oppression for economic, ethnic, cultural religious and national reasons and whereas history of Biafra war offer an opportunity to reflect on the moral responsibility of individuals ,societies and governments.

Whereas the people of Illinois should always remember the terrible events of the Biafra war and remain vigilant against hatred, persecution, and tyranny. In addition we should actively rededicate ourselves to the principles of peace, prosperity and individual freedom in a just society and whereas a day has been set aside for the people of state of Illinois to remember the victims of Biafra war as well reflect on the need for respecting all people.

I pat Quin governor of the state of Illinois, do here by proclaim December 20th and May 30th to be Biafra day of remembrance in Illinois, in memory of the victims of Biafra war in honor of the survivors as well as the liberators and urge all citizens to collectively and individually strive to overcome bigotry hatred and indifference through learning and tolerance and remembrance.

The event closed with prayers from the community and Biafra anthem.


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