For the first time, Nigerians shall get to learn and appreciate the fact that, in a democracy, government over the people is never imposed. The imposition which was initiated in 1914 by Frederick Lugard and the Colonial Office in London was later usurped by rebellious Nigerian military officers through a coup d’etat. At the time of the junta’s final exit in 1999, the military strongmen at the helm imposed a constitution which is a mere compendium of all the arbitrary decrees created, without the consent of we the people, since 1966. The imposed 1999 Constitution is being blamed blamed for Nigeria’s failure to thrive despite the abundance of human and material resources with which this country is endowed.

So, we the people, rallied under the aegis of Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) and resolved to divvy up the country’s geopolitical space into 4 contiguous units namely: the Yoruba, Lower Niger and Middle Belt Federations and the Sahara or Sharia Territory. Each of these units is mandated to conduct a Referendum in order to ascertain the wish of the ethnic nationalities within its geopolitical space as soon as possible. The Lower Niger Congress, on behalf of the Lower Niger Federation, has scheduled its Referendum for the 1st quarter of 2017.

The LNC Secretariat has issued a statement regarding this momentous step as shown below. Same statement is attached in PDF for easier online sharing as you deem fit.


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