Igwe Spencer Ugwuoke The man who sold his people
Things have indeed fallen apart as Igweship and Kingship are now tools for self-aggrandizement and extortion of monies from desperate politicians and their cohorts instead of being revered institutions for communal peace and development.   Support for political aspirations is now being bought and sold on a “cash and carry” basis courtesy of a few unscrupulous warrant chief’s in the name of Igwes. It is a shame that a few greedy  Igwes do not focus on the progress and welfare of their communities anymore but in politics, we heard recently that Enugwu state Government warned this element of warrant chiefs.
As our independent reporter puts it “We now remember with envy the good old days of our forefathers when Nze na Ozo were truly honest righteous judges” one wonder if the rant of the supreme creator of our land would not have been visiting a few  Traditional rulers for desecrating their lands.
Traditional Rulers should learn to be fathers to all and make  righteousness and nobility their watchword  and not ill gotten wealth.
Igwe Spencer Ugwuoke has made himself an object of caricature and ridicule before his Community in Obimo, other peace loving  Nsukka Communities and Enugu State at large.
A traditional ruler notorious for his greed and extortionist capacities to blackmail any and all  those who fail to meet his usually greedily- priced support , Igwe Spencer  has a reputation of vandalizing the properties of his people, and  forcefully or pretentiously selling  their communal  lands for his personal gains than for  any noble achievements deserving of his long stay on the throne.
 An Igwe without any iota of honor,  Igwe Spencer Ugwuoke has upgraded his greed by openly and sometimes clandestinely romancing with some desperately unpopular political aspirants in trying to lure many innocent and a few greedy co-Igwes into party politics because of the huge sums of money he extorts from Mr. Chidi Obetta. From such large sums, Igwe Spencer gives these other Igwes peanuts with a promise to get Chidi the support of all these unsuspecting traditional rulers with no shame in his failing bid to contest for a particular political position.
According to the citizen post “What have these innocent traditional rulers or the few greedy ones Spencer is deceiving got to do with party  politics, nominations and elections?. Are they now the political party delegates, members of a particular political party or the electorates to which all candidates will submit themselves to at any election?. Can Igwe Spencer Ugwoke furnish the public with the details of the meetings at which he or his cohorts singularly zoned offices in Nsukka land, including the date, venue, attendance, resolutions etc. etc while he grovels cap- in -hand to H.E, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu’s table daily waiting for droppings??. What an Igwe indeed.
A king with no crown at all as his Community is fully still battling with him over their sold lands and other stealings traced to the greedy Igwe. Igwe Spencer had seen his unsubstantiated claims in a newspaper article ignored by all and sundry as everyone knew he was lying for a fee.  He has now devised a new gameplan.
He has forgotten how he was suspended earlier in his reign for his greedy politicking, his shameless brushes with the UNN authorities for failing to pay for his greed and his extortionist games with our politicians including extorting monies from both Sen. Ayogu Eze and the then Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the present Governor of Enugu State,  when he was aspiring while Spencer was actually working for the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu to succeed another politician from Enugu West, Governor Sullivan Chime at the expense of Nsukka people. His double dealings with both Dr. Asadu and his “son” Engr Ike Ugwuegede during the epic struggle over who was the PDP Candidate in the last election is still too fresh to forget.
If Igwe Spencer Ugwoke does not contain his greedy proclivities  and dare to  continue with his manipulation of other Igwes  and extortions   from Chidi Obetta etc,  and their other  fraudulent acts, we’ll publish every information of their plots at our disposal  to the public,  including the copies of the empty petition with which he is running around for signatures from other traditional rulers, with  the sole aim of deceiving the Enugu State Governor.
Report by an indepedent student Journalist in Enugwu, we intend to follow this story up, if you have further information on this kindly send tehm to us.


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