Ibrahim Lamorde’s ‘talisman’ as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission-EFCC appears to have faded, as authorities have risen to investigate the alleged atrocities going on in the Commission.

Following weighty petitions to the Senate President on the alleged fraudulent practices going on in EFCC under the chairman’s watch, the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions has fixed Wednesday, 26th August, 2015 for hearing on the numerous weighty petitions against the anti-corruption agency over acts of fraud and diversion of funds amounting to over One Trillion Naira.

The Agenda investigations revealed that the law makers are outraged by the level of decadence and fraud in the Commission, as contained in the petitions and are ready to unravel the mysteries.

One of the petitions is dated July 31, 2015, addressed to the Senate President, titled: “Petition against Ibrahim Lamorde, Chairman, EFCC for various fraudulent Acts/Omissions amounting to over one (1) Trillion Naira” and signed by Dr. George Uboh, Chief Executive Officer, Panic Alert Security Services opened a can of worms.

Further checks by The Agenda revealed that the same petition has been forwarded to the presidency, following several doubts expressed by Nigerians on the integrity and capacity of the present EFCC leadership to fight corruption.

The EFCC under Ibrahim Lamorde has severally accused of collecting bribes from subsidy thieves, pension scammers and governors to.

Below is the petition that nailed the EFCC Chairman:

July 31, 2015

His Excellency

The Senate President

National Assembly

8th Assembly

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Dear Sir,


A searchlight on EFCC has shown that the Commission has not only violated the provisions of its own extant law and Financial Regulations but has descended into the abyss of corruption and financial crimes. The following verifiable facts are irrefutable:

EFCC operates accounts in banks to warehouse recovered funds, which do not reflect in EFCC’s audited accounts;
EFCC doctors and manipulates bank accounts to conceal diversion of funds;
EFCC releases recovered funds to unidentified persons and EFCC officials;
EFCC moves funds from its recovery accounts to EFCC operations accounts from where it diverts same;
Over 95% of EFCC’s recoveries in foreign currencies, other than those from multinational companies, have been diverted;
EFCC trades with recovered funds through bank deposits and placements;
EFCC colludes with real estate companies in order to grossly undervalue seized assets before there are sold to their cronies;
EFCC has not accounted for offshore recoveries; and,
Over half of the assets seized from suspects are not reflected in EFCC exhibit records.

Sir, the aggregate funds diverted by Lamorde/EFCC stated below in the attached criminal charges is over N1Trillion; however, because over 95% of overseas seizures are diverted, there is urgent need to investigate and recover those funds as well.


Mr. Senate President Sir, in addition to whatever the 8th Assembly would deem fit to strengthen the fight against corruption, I ask that a Senate hearing be held during which I will produce the overwhelming evidence in my possession and, thereafter, ask that the following be done:

1.That EFCC/Lamorde be directed to stop receiving any further allocation from the Federal Government until it accounts for the huge remittable funds to the CRF, which the Commission is still holding back contrary to the EFCC Establishment Act of 2004 and Financial Regulations of 2006;

2. That EFCC, the nation’s purported Anti-graft agency, should have its books and records opened for scrutiny as the law requires; and,

3. That Lamorde and his cronies be prosecuted via the aforementioned criminal indictment and some more charges to be unearthed; if this is not done, Lamorde will continue to use his intimidation machinery to scuttle any effort to strengthen the war against corruption.


That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, as the executive chairman of EFCC in March 2013, in the bid to conceal a fraud of N779,155,004:62, being the diverted amount from the forfeited funds by Tafa Balogun, falsified documents in response to the request made on you by duly constituted authorities, wherein you fraudulently stated the total of 13 bank balances as N2,258,100,576:98 instead of N3,037,255,521:60

That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, as the Director of operations, conspired with some officers in EFCC to manipulate the forfeitures and recoveries from DSP Alamesiegha, which events took place between 2006 and 2007, as if it took place in July 2008, with a view to shifting responsibilities to the regime or tenure of Mrs. Farida Waziri. By this act, you traded with recoveries amounting to over N3.7Billion for almost 2 years before formerly documenting the transaction

That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, conspired with some EFCC officers to transfer a lower amount of N3,128,230,294:83 to the Government of Bayelsa State on 18/1/2010 instead of N4,257,503,009:23 being proceeds from the recoveries from DSP Alamesiegha.

That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, as Director of Operations between 2003 and 2007, acting chairman of EFCC between the period of June 2007 to May 2008, a period your Chairman went on course to NIPSS, you conspired with some banks, especially Access Bank Plc and Intercontinental bank Plc, to doctor and manipulate EFCC recovery accounts and expunge ALL entries relating to the recovered funds lodged in the said accounts from May 2003 to May 2008, amounting to over N800 Billion.

That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, conspired with some EFCC officers and your external auditors to operate and conceal a recovery account in CBN and excluded the balances from your audited financial statements between 2005 and 2011, thereby deceiving the users of the financial statements, including the Executive, Legislative and Judicial arms of Government. The said balances excluded from the annual reports and accounts and which understated the balances of seized funds at the end of the respective years include:
Bal. as at December 31

2005 N374,310,391:66

2006 N533,804,882:45

2007 N533,804,882:45

2008 N486,990,780:45

2009 N6,081,135,678:26

2010 N3,306,936,863:43

2011 N106,334,466:45

That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, conspired with some EFCC officers on or about 11/3/2011 to under-remit the proceeds from Tafa Balogun’s forfeitures to the consolidated revenue account by N3,200,306,084:93 on the actual amount alone. Instead of the actual amount of N5,850,908,481:91 remittable to CRF, you conspired to remit only N2,650,602,396:98, leaving a balance of N3,200,306,084:94. Mr. Lamorde, you confirmed that as at March 2013, you are still holding back the sum of N2,409,380,875:67.
That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, conspired with some EFCC officers to trade with the aforesaid proceeds from Tafa Balogun’s forfeitures between 2008 and 2013 at interest of 12% per annum, amounting to N2,154,625,556:37, an amount you have been unable to account for, thereby making you liable to remit the sum of N5.34 Billion to the CRF.
That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, as the executive chairman of EFCC on the 17th day of January, 2012, withdrew or caused to be withdrawn, the sum of N183,124,185:95 vide an instruction Ref. EFCC/ACCESS/PS/01/01 January 09, 2012, from EFCC recovery account in access bank Plc knowing full well that remittances from recovery account should go to either the victims of crime or the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) of the Federal Government. This you did in breach of EFCC establishment Act, 2004 and extant laws.
That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, as the executive chairman of EFCC, have continued to conceal the details of the unsold properties forfeited by both Tafa Balogun and DSP Alameseigha despite receiving rent revenues from some estate agents on the said properties. For Example: Etudo & Co Estate Agents, aggregate of N185,663,336:62 In Access bank, to wit: 28/3/2012 (N70,655,872:47), 13/9/2012 (N99,063,241:75) and 6/3/2013 (N15,944,222:40).
That you Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, while your boss Nuhu Ribadu went on course to NIPSS and you held sway as acting chairman of EFCC, conspired with some officers in the Nigeria Judicial Institute in September 2008, to divert several cheques and drafts valued at N1,678,345,000 but claimed there were lodged into EFCC recovery account, CBN. Some of the said cheques and drafts as listed below, and which were recoveries from NJI on 18/4/2008 are not traceable to any EFCC’s recovery accounts.
Cheque N184,316,745:11

Cheque N30,157,348:07

Draft N400,000,000:00

Cheque N985,123,668:20

Cheque N3,000,000:00

Cheque N450,000:00

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