Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD called for the massacre of Igbos(Biafrans) in Nigeria the way Nigerians are being killed in South Africa.

Dr. Abraham Ariyo wrote on Facebook:

“You see how they (the Igbos) are being slaughtered in South Africa. That’s what’s going to happen to them in Lagos…When are they (the Igbos) not going to be slaughtered in Abuja?…God might have put a curse on them (the Igbos)…We will continue to bus them (the Igbos) to Onitsha.” – Dr. Abraham Ariyo

Dr. Adeniran Ariyo is a cardiologist in Dallas, Texas and is affiliated with Dallas Regional Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Ibadan and has been in practice for 27 years. He is one of 10 doctors at Dallas Regional Medical Center who specialize in Cardiovascular Diseas

Following general outcry on social media, Dr Ariyo has gone into hiding. He has removed all his pictures on Facebook and deleted his post.

But unfortunately for him, his words had already been print screened by sharp eyed internet users outraged by his callous statements.

According popular writer Elombah his Texas employers has been inundated with complaints following below mobilisation on facebook:


My Igbo brothers and indeed anyone that looks remotely like an Igboman, it’s only a tree that hears they want to cut him down and it will just stand there!

As Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo has spewed unimaginable Antiigbo Anti-Biafra hate speech against us, we have to do something, the RIGHT thing. We cannot responsd to hate speech with hate speech, no we can’t, we are above such pettiness. There is a better more productive way to help authorities involved take care of such horrendous risk to human existence.

Here is the link to lay a complaint to Texas Medical Board, the organization with jurisdictional powers over the hate-speech doctor. Let us tell them the VERY POTENT RISK this man is to the life of humans. Also ask them to investigate all incidents, accidents and near miss involving him since he started practicing with a view to determining the true position of things and deter others with such Nazi-tendencies from doing like him.


If you have some chips, follow up your complaint with a call to same Texas Medical Board through these numbers:

+1 800-201-9353

+1 972 223 0550

When you are done with a strong worded complaint to the board above, head over to the Genocide Prevention agency below and send a passionate SOS to them. Tell them the hate-speech doctor needs be reminded IN THE STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE that human life is sacred.


I implore anyone with regards to human life to help us out on this.

Please do this for yourself, your Igbo partner, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, family friend. Let all humans with blood running in their vein help us tell this man and his likes that GENOCIDE IS EVIL! ?#?SayNoToXenophobia?

A campaign was also launched on CHANGE.ORG stating:

Investigate a Dallas-based cardiologist, Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo who called for xenophobic attack against Igbos the way foreigners were violently attacked in South Africa.

So far 137 persons have signed the petition.


Please Listeners of Biafra 24 please go and sign the petition, and tweet with the hashtag #Antiigbo #AntiBiafra #Antihebrew #Antisemeticigbo , also use the hostages to report antiigbo as they are on rise as earlier reported by Biafra24.

Great thank you to brother Elombah.



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