I used to believe that Ebonyi is the soft Igbo underbelly, on account of the gigantic muslim institution there, fully funded by Saudi and furnished with Egyptian teachers. They make converts of Uwanna, Afikpo youths in their thousand every year. I used to believe the jihad to be fought in the South Eastern states would start from there, led by our own brothers who they converted and indoctrinated, and who hates their very own people with a deep hatred. Just like in South Sudan, I thought that the small muslim community in Uwanna, to whom the Sultan of Sokoto has pledged to give the gift of an Islamic University (one he dent build in sokoto nor any Northern state) would be the judas who would sell the rest of Igboland out. Maybe I am mistaken, maybe I’m not.

The jihadists may have left Uwanna and its environs, left it out of the herdsmen crisis, for a purpose. They are goo strategists, and I must give it to them. Upsetting the communities in Afikpo would spell doom for their sleeper cell muslim community. It may be destroyed in reprisals, and they consider this cell precious because the people there are Igbo people, though brainwashed.

Uwanna, Afikpo, may still be the soft Igbo underbelly, but I am no longer sure. Enugu may be the new soft underbelly, or the flanks of a besieged city, which takes all the attacks until the city buckles. My friend from Amagu-nze returned from Easter vacation a fortnight ago, with tales of how Fulani men with thousands of cattle have taken over the town. Nobody dares go to farm in that community. My brother Ozo Igbonekwu Ogazimorah wrote of how Awhum people no longer go to the farms, for fear of the Fulani. This same story is replicated I’m many communities along Uzouwani and Awgu. Yet, we wait to be told that we are at war, and our homeland is besieged. He who is not taken by Fulani guns and machetes, hunger finishes.

I have grown weary od discussions. Long talk has worn me out. I want action now. Nobody should add me to any group chat to discuss. I’m tired of discussing.

Onwee onye choro ituta alo etu aga esi zuo ihe ogu maobu tuta ego iji kwado izuta ngwa ogu, mee kam mara. Igboland needs a militia now. Speaking grammar is useless at this point.


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