Europeans were slaves in their own country from creation until the years 1777 to 1848. These years were marked by huge European based slave wars which the historians of today call the social revolutions.

Many of those albino Europeans were also slaves and indentured slaves all over the Americas, and were classically called “white trash”, or “red neck peck-a-wood”.

Albino serfs and slaves were freed from European plantations in 1848 as a result of these wars, and then hundreds of millions of them were shipped and deported to the Americas between 1878 and 1910. Recall slavery ended in America by 1865 leading to freedom for all slaves, Muurish and indentured albino slaves.

Racism was invented then, to divide the albino slaves from the revolutionary Muurs of America, by making the albino ex-slave make-believe that he is intrinsically worthier than the Negro. For substantiation, read any works on the history of the relationship between the Irish immigrants cleared out of Ireland by the British aristocracy in late 19th century and the African-Americans.

Albino slave was made to be jealous of the Muurs, and to seek to usurp the place of the Muurs as a matter of existential necessity.

It was the classical Faustian deal. A deal with the devil, their oppressor for many centuries.

For a piece of land, a bowl of soup, the albino ex-plantation slave joint with the European nobilities and the Roman Catholic Church, to keep the Muur away from his original inheritance.

In doing so, those albino former plantation slaves became sex slaves of the devil, who holds them in hostage and fuch them anyway and any day, using them as the means to commit the greatest atrocities.


Is there a place for the hopeless sinner, who has robbed all mankind, just to save his own?

Only if they return to one Love, can save them again!



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