Uchenna speaks

1. Buhari was to go on vacation , yes.

2. Prior to his vacation Buhari was advised to take month off for extensive health treatment, but he refused. He refused because he feared he and Osinbajo could be impeached the same day and that would make Saraki the interim president.

3. Buhari did not leave Nigeria on the tenth as you were told by the lying liars.
4. Buhari was flown out of the country on the 8 of January 2017, by air ambulance by midnight.
5. The picture shown on the tenth on television was his earlier travel video. Go check it again.
6. Buhari left Nigeria fully aware of the possibility of never coming back as president.
7. Buhari fully handed power to his VP Osinbajo if not Osinbajo would have been removed by now.
8. Buhari went for kidney transplant that’s why doctors told him his body can’t support it because of old age.
9. Buhari rejected doctors advise to resign and avoid the surgery and stay hospitalised till he dies. Buhari rejected but handed over.

Let it be known to you that Buhari left exactly the same way Yar’dua left, to different destinations, same reason. The same ailment. Recall Buhari was suspected of having kidney problem during campaign but he denied it. Apart from this, Buhari was aware that he was terminally ill before ascending the presidency.

This means one thing to me. He had a demonic mission and this explains his brutal killings and fiat in trying to establish Islamic kingdom in Nigeria. Happily time seems to be running out on him.

What can say or wish him, Mr. President? RIP (Return if possible).


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