The parents of the Mass Communications undergraduate of the Delta State University, Abraka, Belynda Chinwe Bosa, who planned her own kidnap with her boyfriend to obtain a ransom of of N10 million from them, has disowned her, saying she has always been a bad child who has repeatedly brought pains and sorrow to them

The girl and her boyfriend, George Itietie, who were arrested in Port Harcourt after they had received the sum of N500,000 from the distraught family, are currently being detained by Delta Police Command, despite her regrets, will also have to contend with her parents’ anger and abandonment.

The petrified parents who became distraught when it was revealed to them that their beloved daughter was actually behind the kidnap, promptly disowned her for putting them through hell.

Bosa, a 300 level student, had told police officers in her confession that she did what she did out of love and her desire to marry Itietie but now, it seems all her plans for her future has hit the rocks as her parents have vowed never to have anything to do with her including her educational pursuit or the man she was so smitten with love, meaning that they will not support any marriage plans between them.

They implored the police to treat her and Itietie as criminals.

Bosa, crying profusely when her parents visited the police station, said:

“I regret getting involved in this crime. Please forgive me, daddy and mummy! I’m sorry for the stress I made you go through!

George and I love each other. We decided to get married but had no money to plan the wedding.

I decided to offer myself to be kidnapped by George so that we could extort money from my parents for the wedding. If I’m given the chance, I’ll still marry George.

But we didn’t envisage that it would go this way. I can’t just explain what came over me.

I don’t know why I embarked on this shameful act.

I’ve embarrassed my parents and soiled my family name for the sake of love. Can somebody please help me beg them to forgive me?”

But her parents would have none of her tears and pleas, saying she was only shedding crocodile tears.

On his part, Itietie did not believe that any plans for marriage between them would work anymore.

“Even if Belynda’s parents allow me to marry her, will they be able to obliterate the stigma from their hearts?”

Do you think Belynda’s parents are right in disowning her or should they forgive their daughter after her apology?



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