Open Letter to the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo of Nigeria
(in Response to Northern Youths’ plea for Self-Determination and Referendum for Biafra)
June 21, 2017
Biafrans acknowledge that the Northern Youths have a right to present and tell—in their own voice, view and perspective—their own side of the story of impossible one-Nigeria.
Biafrans also acknowledge the understanding of, and support by, the Northern Youths for international law, the UN Self-Determination Resolution and how it works.
Likewise, Biafrans acknowledge the demand by Northern Youths for a Referendum (Plebiscite) as part of the political process for the actualization of Self-Determination in Nigeria.
This is not just Self-Determination and Referendum in the abstract: the Northern Youths (backed by the Northern Elders Forum) are supporting, recommending and requesting this specifically for Biafra and in agreement with Biafrans, to the Nigerian government, to enable Biafra to leave Nigeria in peace and without further bloodshed. In so doing, they have taken action, which once heeded, would defuse a ticking time bomb and disarm a hostile environment.
In these two points, namely, Self-Determination and Referendum, Biafrans are 100% in agreement with the Northern Youths and the Northern Elders Forum. Since 2007, the year of the passage of that UN Resolution, Biafrans have been working on exercising our Self-Determination rights, at a heavy price; and in the past couple of years, on a Referendum. All along, the Nigerian government has opposed such an exercise with one-sided upper-handedness, brutality and prejudice that reminds one of the ferocity of the Biafra-Nigeria war.
Therefore, Biafrans strongly urge the government of Nigeria to listen to the voice of reason: let Biafra consummate her Self-Determination with a Referendum. Let the people speak for themselves. In this, there is presently solid agreement between antagonists. We urge the Nigerian government to heed the voice of peace and non-violence and to do the right thing. Blocking the way of peace only opens the door to violence; no one can foresee how far and how long the latter would go, as Aburi ought to have taught us all, which is how and why we find ourselves in the current predicament. The Nigerian government of that day had chosen not to implement Aburi. No one can predict what will spark off the next major conflagration should the government of Nigeria miss this wonderful opportunity for a peaceful transformation.
To the government of Nigeria: Biafrans join the Northern Youths and the Northern Elders Forum to ask the government to seriously commit to, and facilitate, Biafra’s self-determination and referendum. These are UN mechanisms and processes established for a peaceful resolution of the type of perpetual conflict Nigeria finds itself in since 1964.
Dr Emma Enekwechi
For Biafra Foundation
June 21, 2017


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