On June 6, 2017, the Northern Youths declared that the North is leaving Nigeria, based on their intractable enmity with the Igbo / Biafra / South-eastern Nigeria. In the same declaration, they threatened the Igbo living in the North with their lives and property, giving an ultimatum to the Igbo residing in Northern Nigeria to leave before October 1st 2017, else risk their lives and property. They also recalled Northerners living in South-eastern Nigeria in the same notice.

BGIE Response:

Igbo residing in Northern Nigeria should, as a matter of urgency, relocate to any other part of the world, including Biafraland.
Igbo property and businesses located in Northern Nigeria, if (still) and where insurable, should be covered by commercial insurance. It is recommended that business arrangements, where possible, be put in place to mitigate total loss. Huge losses are anticipated. Accurate property and business inventory and documentation are to be kept in a safe and secure place.
Biafrans will respect and support the choice of Northerners living in Biafraland to stay in Biafraland. All Property / business ownership rights will be respected and treated according to international law and standards.
The foregoing applies to any region of Nigeria where the Igbo and other Biafrans and their properties are so threatened.

Next Steps:

Universal commitment to and support of the Self Determination efforts of Biafrans and pro-Biafra activism
Universal commitment to and activation of an effective, swift Referendum process and timetable leading to regaining of Biafraís Sovereign Independence.
Full support and total respect of the Self Determination Rights and related activities of all nations and ethnicities residing in Nigeria.
Call on the UN to stand by its Self Determination Resolution and support non-violent acts and processes in the actualization thereof.

We take any threats from Northern Nigeria seriously, because history and facts show that all that is needed is an excuse for Northerners to engage in pogrom, ethnic cleansing and genocide against Igbo and Biafrans. Earlier bloody events through the 40ís and 50ís are on record. The 1966 pogroms, the prelude to the Biafra War, were a gruesome show for the world to see. More blood-letting occurred in pre-Boko Haram reign just recently, tied in with Buhariís electoral losses and even win.
The reassurances of the safety and security of the Igbo by scared local Igbo leaders in the North are misplaced: in the past, such reassurances have not resulted in the safety or security of Igbo people and their properties in Northern Nigeria.
The statements and body language of OHANEZE and some Igbo elite, including Igbo governors, are those of frightened persons suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and largely looking after their own cliqueís interest and comfort; we expect them to continue to talk about ìrestructuringî one Nigeria, which they and the rest of Nigeria already know is impossible.
There is no reason to count on any organ of the Nigerian government to protect or guarantee the security and safety of the Igbo anywhere in Nigeria at all, but most especially, in Northern Nigeria. Facts, history and experience prove that at best the Nigerian government acts as an enabler and facilitator in the destruction and elimination of Igbo and Biafra and their dispossession. (Remember Fulani Herdsmen marauders). The reality though is that the Nigerian government is actively, directly involved in killing, maiming and destruction of the Igbo and Biafra and their culture and property. (Remember the Biafra War, MASSOB and IPOB).
The UN has provided the Self Determination Resolution instrument. It is a good instrument which can be deployed for a non-violent process in its fulfilment. The UN must stand by it. We are applying this instrument.
Referendum is a known international sociopolitical procedure of conflict resolution consistent with Self Determination; this we shall apply here and now. The UN can and should support Referendum in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Enekwechi, PhD
Full Press release below.


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