The inspector general of police has called for laws to curb cattle rustling in the country. He made this call at the joint security meeting recently he in Abuja. He made this call while criminally maintining silence over the massacres in Enugu, Benue, Adamawa, Ekiti, Platue states by Fulani herdsmen.

He described cattle rustling as “a national menace leading to the destruction of lives and properties in various parts of Nigeria,” noting that collaborative efforts involving stakeholders were needed to tackle it.

He said, “The Nigeria Police Force will, at all time, collaborate with different stakeholders to checkmate the issues of cattle rustling and animal theft at all levels of movement of cattle and herdsmen.”

It is clear that our conclusions based on empirical findings that the herdsmen issue was not just about grazing the cows but a pointer to a clandestine invasion of region as contained in the expansion plans of the caliphate. It is important that people especially those states that are being used as testing field for the invasion to be serious and make efforts to defend their states.

The stand of the IG of police has displayed the arrogance and impunity of the state over the continued massacre of people by the terrorists Fulani herdsmen. The herdsmen can only be defeated from a distance. You can do this by stopping them from establishing in your state. Any form of grazing bill that allows them an inch in your state a certificate to occupy, kill, rape and loot your land. Stop them now by promulgating laws that will stop grazing and establish rances for your indidegens only in your sates or regions.

In case you do not know, the Fulani oligarchs are filled with the Abrahamic mentality or claim that Yahweh gave him peoples ancestral land to graze his cattle. The implication of this is that the land you occupy, the land you claim to be your ancestral land has already been given to Uthman Dan Fodio and his descendants to graze their cattle. In their eyes you are the illegal occupant. Therefore they have a divine to kill and possess their possession.

These people are brutes. They hate whatever you stand for. They hate your Christ. They hate your humanity. They hate your freedom and fundamental human rights. They reject you as an infidel even your conversion to Islam would not exempt you from their swords unless you submit whole and entire to them as your lord and slave master. I wonder what you expect to gain by allowing these people to be your friends or neighbours.

The statement of this beast in this picture should be a wake up call to all and sundry. Let the people arise. If your religion tells you not to hate which I agree to, it did not encourage you to love the devil. Your religion that taught you to be like the sheep also warned you to be as wise as the scorpion. Why “scorpion”? It is because the scorpion knows how to react with its poisonous stings. The Fulani caliphate is the devil you must not love. In their eyes you are the sheep that offers no resistance even when it is being slaughtered. Now is the time to show them you are the scorpion with the most dangerous stings.

The Fulanis have a track record of coming in as weak friends who needs your help. The play the fool to confuse you so you can let them in. The truth is that behind one fulani handshake are a thousands hands with swords waiting to strike you. This documented history of their rewards to their hosts.

The, king Yunfa, the Hausa Sarkin in Gobir (present day Sokoto state) gave succor to a man called Utham Dan Fodiyo and his weak army a place to rest themselves in his kingdom. In only four years, Uthman Dan Fodiyo rallied his warriors and they attacked king Yunfa and killed his entire family and he imposed himself as the Emir of sokoto, the sarduanas and current Emirs of today are all his direct descendants. From there they continued their conquest unil they defeated the chicken heaed, kind unsuspecting hausa communities and imposed their own brand of Islam as practiced in the North today. In exchange, they took away from the hausas their enterprising spirits and replaced it with almajiri instution. Today millions of hausa children are poor and ignorant roming the strets and you wont find a Fulani among them. The poorly paid meggads are hausas and natives of the north, the bola, barrow pushers, shoe shiners, the beggars and the hausas you wont get a fulani among them even though they both are Muslims worshipping the same Allah. Let them in your fate and that of your people will receive the same reward Yunfa received from them.

The samething happened in Afonja dynasty in llorin. Oba Afonja Alimi allowed Janta Alimi to settle in Iloein. Janta Alimi is Fulani warriors led by Dan Fodiyo’s grandson. In 1824 Illorin, a Yoruba kingdom under the Oyo empire fell into the hands of Janta Alimi and till date Ilorin has been claimed by the Fulanis as their territory. Several efforts made to reclaim Ilorin by the Yorubas has proved abortive. This would not have happened if the janta Alimi was not allowed to settle in Ilorin by the mercifulall knowing kinf Afonja.

In 1840 the Fulani jihadists continued their invasion up to Osogbo where the yoruba warrios stood up and fought back and defeated he jihadists. If not for the bravity of the Yoruba warriors the entire Yoruba land would have been under the sokoto caliphate. Their would be no Obas in Youruba naton.

the emir and peole of Borno fought and defeated the Fulani jihadits and today, the Sheu of Borno still seats and maintains the borno empire.

In the 18th century, the jihadists advanced towards the Bini kingdom. They were first allowed to settle in the today Edo north senatorial district from where they fought to over run the entire Bini kingdom but were dfeated by Bini army. That stopped their intended advance towards Asaba and eastwards.

I am making this public so that you will know what you are getting your people, your family into by entering into any form of agreement with the fulanis in the name of peace. No Fulani man will ever come to you for peace or for the love of you. If you are supporting any form of compromise that allows grazing in whatever form or arrangement you are acting in manners detrimental to the peace, freedom and prosperity of your state and people.

Somebody need to take this message to Gov. ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state and all his blind supporters that his actions today, his peace initiatives are bound of destruction for the Enugu people signed with the blood of those already killed and those about to be massacred. ignore this to your peril.

This the reason your government is made up of Fulanis. All the security departments are filled by the fulanis. Now you heard fom this policeman that your lives do not matter. To him cattle rustling is the menace that need to be checked not the killings and rapes by the herdsmen.


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