EMEKA ANYAOKU – THE CAKE CUTTER I see this man cutting cakes, tapes, and meat-pies all over the pages of newspapers. The Nigerians use that to honor him. To be fair to him he has once said that Nigeria should opt for confederation.That is my belief too, but the question is, now that confederation is not acceptable to the Hausa-Fulani and Yorubas, should we the Ibos and the Bantus in the eastern part of what is currently called Nigeria accept the status-quo that makes us an endangered species? Is Biafra not the only option left? But why was he afraid when his name was mentioned by IPOB as being one of the trustworthy Ibos. What does this man want from Nigeria? I believe he must be a grand or even great grand-father now. So what interest is he protecting – contracts, cake cutting ceremonies, friendship, or what? I swear on my life that if were in his shoes I would have done “the worst” to free the Ibos so as to leave a place on earth for those to come rather than leave them as slaves and banished hungry race.

ALEX EKWUEME – THE IMAGE OF IBO FRUSTRATION I saw this man give his speech the last time he vied for the presidency. His last speech went this way, (I am not being exact though),“ I was a foundation member of G-8, … if you think I am the right candidate, then vote for me, if you think the other candidate is better, then vote for him”. You could see total frustration all over him. Certainly the other candidate, Obasanjo, was not anywhere his match in anything. But then he knew/knows why he could not make even a close contest – he was/is Ibo. Even Zik realized in 1979 that he was Ibo and cried when he was said to have evaded tax. But why is this man hiding and not identifying, even with his last days/breath, with something that generations he will leave behind will need in other not to be slaves, and endangered species on earth. It is clear, he wants to maintain his friendships, enjoy the tag of elder statesman, and be invited to give talks here and there. I swear with my life that if were in this man’s shoes I would have been content with what I have and sacrificed my friendships to liberate my generations –for this is the greatest thing I owe them.

NWABUEZE – THE LEGAL WORD PLAYER Certainly this man is educated. But he prefers to play with words and write long verses without hitting at the point. He keeps talking about constitutional change without saying what is wrong witt the present one, what structure it has created, who is gaining, and who is losing.We all are not lawyers, but we know some very simple things such as; the fact that this country was built as a collection of people through two major amalgamations (first of Lagos and the Oil River Protectorate, then of the North and the Lower Niger Protectorate – called south); metamorphosis of the three entities in 1957,58 and 59 into self-governing entities, and then independence in 1960. There was no direct consensus of the citizens in all this and there was no document of consent (like memorandum of Association). The MOA is called in Nigeria “NO GO AREA” today.He must be a grandfather or great grand-father too.Therefore, I ask, what makes him speak in tongues? What does he need from Nigeria and those in government; the tag of statesman, which the Hausa-Fulani Ibo killers also share anyway? Is he saying that to call for memorandum is a sin? Is it not someone like him that moved for Scotland to leave UK? I swear I could have done better that these men


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