Biafra Government In Exile representing the people of Biafra is extremely proud of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s response to the unconscionable bail conditions handed out by the Nigerian court in this farce of a trial wherein Nigeria continues its ongoing battering of Biafra.

By refusing to accept the so-called bail conditions, Mazi Kanu is leading by example, demonstrating extreme courage in the face of gross injustice, extreme resoluteness in the face of real danger and principles, at the risk of torture and possibly death. Biafra needs these qualities today.

While BGIE notes with great pleasure and complete satisfaction the re-vitalizing of Biafrans and the Biafra liberation movement itself as catalyzed by Mazi Kanu, we go further to state that by this singular action, Mazi Kanu has also reset the bar and has called all of us to order: resist Nigeria’s evil laws and ways which are deliberately designed to oppress, repress and annihilate Biafra and Biafrans.

By this sacrifice, Mazi Kanu has ushered the fullness of time itself: that time has come for all Biafrans to resist, resist, resist and resist—nonstop, until Biafra is finally totally liberated from Nigeria. Now is the time. This is the time. It is now.

Biafrans fully support Mazi Kanu; we will share in his courage by a renewed and determined single-mindedness to resist our oppressor until we break the yoke foisted on us. We do it now, so Biafra can be freed in no distant future.

We salute Mazi Kanu. We salute all Biafrans being held and tortured in Nigeria’s Gulags. We salute the people and the nation of Biafra. We resist Nigeria, nonstop.


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