For me, watching this video was a very good start for a Sunday morning. To hear an ordained African priest exude the extent of moral authority which rivals that of Bishop Tutu of South Africa close to home inspires the hope that redemption for ordinary Nigerians may still be within reach. But that is only if those elected to lead, the politicians and their political parties, are able and willing to deliver on what they have promised the electorate during the last electioneering campaign period.

From Bishop Kukah’s perspective, the 2015 general elections are long over and he enjoins elected politicians and their partisan formations in power to get on with the business of governing and of bringing about the promise of a new Nigeria. The Peace Committee’s visit to President Buhari was more of a valedictory session for the members who are desirous to disengage so as to enable them to fully refocus on their respective chores and busy schedules. The Peace Committee’s job is done and it is now up to those elected to power to demonstrate to the polity that they indeed have the plan in hand for bringing about the new Nigeria which was promised during the campaign period.

Bishop Kukah’s pronouncements conjure the conscience of contemporary Nigerians, both those residing within Nigeria and in its global Diaspora. There is a universal demand for action by the new Buhari administration which is now being increasingly criticized for spending inordinate amount of time on the “diagnosis” while indefinitely deferring commencement of practical therapeutic actions in the realms of governance and inspirational leadership required to actualize the promise of a new Nigeria. The Bishop’s Sunday morning sermon exhorts the incumbent politicians and parties in power, particularly at the center in Abuja, to justify the electoral mandate which they had pleaded for and were fortunate to obtain from we the people.

The new Nigeria being anticipated by Nigerians may never be delivered by President Buhari and his ruling party, the APC. Buhari and APC had wrested power from the PDP five months ago because the latter obviously failed to meet expectations of we the people during the long period it was in power. From all indications, neither the new presidency nor the National Assembly appear to have a clue on what next steps to initiate in order to stabilize and revive the national economy, enhance national security and engender a new confidence in Nigeria’s nation building. If the status has hit a dead end or is quite close to doing so, it would make a lot of sense now for alternative solutions to the current quandary to be posited as the laudable and practical ways forward.


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