Over 1,000 southern Nigerian secessionists took to the streets on Friday to express the hope that newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump might help counter Muslim influence in their country.

Shouting “Biafra for Trump”, protesters held up U.S. flags and pictures of Trump in Port Harcourt, a major port city in the south-east, while also brandishing the Biafran flag and warning about Muslim influence in Nigeria.

Southern Nigeria is mostly Christian while Islam is the majority faith in the north.

Trump has hardly mentioned Africa during his election campaign. But his views about curbing Muslim immigration have scored well in southern Nigeria where many complain of neglect from President Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim from the north.

Trump took office in Washington on Friday

Nigeria Occupational forces murdered over twenty people in the rally.

Africa” from Brookes, R., The General Gazetteer; or Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Eighth Edition. Dublin, 1808. With all these ancient Africa map showing us that Biafra existed, why is it that all these modern map of Africa is trying to exclude Biafra from African History Book? You can tell now that Biafra has mega historical magnum maybe stolen by its enemies. But now we the remnants of Biafra is saying that Biafra as a country is overdue, therefore…

“We want to answer the name of our ancestors and our ancestral habitation whose maps and identity were in the ancient Map of Africa about 400 years before Captain Lugard and Rev C.H Robinson created Nigeria in 1914

Source Reuters


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