The INEC recently released a report that about 71% of the total available PVCs have been collected. What’s worrisome is not the percentage which I think is actually not bad but the distribution.
Here is the statistics by the zones:
The NORTH WEST – 12, 013, 961
The SOUTH WEST – 6, 270, 736
The SOUTH SOUTH – 5, 756, 018
The NORTH CENTRAL – 5, 520, 001
The NORTH EAST – 4, 886, 499
The SOUTH EAST – 3, 915, 241
Looking at this statistics, if the elections were to take place today, the NW alone has more voters strength than Yorubaland and Igboland combined! Same for the whole of South-South and South East combined, really?
Some might argue that this only represents collection so far, but the question is, how come the percentage of collection is so much higher in the North than in the South?
In the history of Nigeria, I have never witnessed as much awareness as we have now in the country especially in the South. Even the fireworks on the social media overwhelmingly represents the South than the North. How come even the troubled North East with daily killings and unrest by Boko Haram still have the opportunity for more PVCs collection and distribution than the most peaceful part of the country, the South West?!
The total number of PVCs distributed in the whole of the SE is only slightly higher than the figure distributed in Kano alone at 3, 915, 241 and 3, 198, 859 respectively.
Who is fooling who?
This is the same huge lie that the fraudulent country has been built upon since independence.
Those who should know better and raise their voices are getting carried away right now because the momentum will probably work for them.
Hell no! We must put an end to this fraud right here and right now.
“Give me liberty or give me death”
This is NOT just about this election but the place and rights of every component unit constituting Nigeria.
Our freedom and liberty to freely choose who we want as our leader must also not be compromised. All men of good conscience should resist this glaring fraud!


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