Today marks it exactly five months since terrorist attacked Nimbo uzo uwani Enugu.
Fulani terrorist attack in Akegbe Ugwu is also one month this very day, we are yet to see any meaningful proposal by Ifeanyi Uwguanyi and co on how to counter any terrorist attack in Igbo land. It’s a well-known knowledge that organised terrorist network like Fulani Killers and Islamic state west Africa Province are the dangerous group of a people according to global terror index. yet Mr. Ifeanyi uwguanyi and Justice Chukwuma Eneh’s commission is yet to provide the public their finding.
History has always thought us great lesson but we refused to listen, first its was Usman dan fodio the jihadist and his army who made the proclamation and his descendant went further to accomplish them, At the Inauguration of the Richards constitution in the year 1947 when our people was resisting the occupation by British empire, Decedents of usman dan fodio was busy calculating how to continue the jihad mission and here is Tafawa Balewa words a man who later became the prime minister ” we do not want,sir, our southern neighbours to interfere in our development … I should like to make it clear to you that if the British should leave Nigeria now at this stage, The northern people (Hausa Fulani) will continue their uninterrupted conquest to the sea (Igbo Land)” Both mass killings of Igbo people in their homes by Hausa-Fulani terrorist who now occupies Enugu state were carried out on the 25th day of April and August respectively.
Sometime around 2014, if my memory serves me right it should be around 11th of march that one of the decedents of Jihadist usman dan fodio by the name usman Bugaje at the northern leader’s conference said the oil in Niger delta belongs to Hausa-Fulani because they conquered Biafra.
Earlier this year they tried smuggling in occupation bill (Grazing bill) just as they did in the year 1979 with the land use decree in various Igbo provinces via their proxy installation i.e Rochas Okorocha of Imo.
Dear brother and sister’s Enuwgu being one of the closest provinces to these people has become so vulnerable and a prime target of the Sokoto caliphate, we should not allow clueless men like Ifeanyi uwguanyi to hand over Enugwu to Sokoto caliphate. Since they are all scared to say it as its, we have no other choice than to develop anti-terror groups and intelligent gathering system, it will be Aru that we keep quiet or politically correct while we are being murdered and humiliated in our home. I fear that Justice Chukwuma Eneh Commission of Inquiry will not give our people justice following Buhari utterances in the state over the weekend, Our people have caved into fear of execution, fear of being imprisoned or political persecution, but we must all know that we are at war. We are at war with Hausa-Fulani terrorist.
A time like this is not a time for a commission of inquiry but a time for active action, we need our police, we need our own defence. They have taken our dear old city away from us, every market day now is a day of fear. The question is not knowing it will happen but where and when. the tyrant Buhari said in the US you can not have a referendum, he said it’s impossible, I don’t know what else you want to hear. It’s only a conquered and defeated people that you say such a horrible thing to once again you are a big SLAVE and it should be spelled in a capital letter all through.
You have zero political power to do anything including your own village, that is how absurd this whole situation is and if you, my friend is still thinking of researching the crises at this stage because your father and mother were exiled and you were born in Europe or America, welcome to animal farm where all things fall apart.

Where is the outrage on the killing of Igbo by Nigeria and Nigerians ?


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