When the people of south-east demanded an additional state to balance with other regions, Babatunde Fashola was a leading voice from the south-west to oppose the creation, citing landmass, population and viability as reasons.

Fashola deported the people of the south-east resident in Lagos calling them destitute claiming he was decongesting the state.

When Fashola was allocating funds for project executions to various regions in his ministry, he allocated a paltry N2.5bn to the south-east as against his south-west N80bn, citing population as deciding factor.

Recently, fashola was in Awka speaking with journalists on 2018 census and how to use the population data for electricity distribution. He preached to our people that it is better for them to remain in their states of residence and not travel to their villages during census exercise because that is where they need power. The data from the census program would be used to determine population of an area for equitable power distributions.

Fashola knew that the people of the south-east control Lagos and other parts of the south-west, and that a mass return to their states and villages during census exercise would mean a massive reduction of his south-west population. He now went to Awka, a south-east heartland and cunningly preached to our people not to travel down to their states and villages and to remain at their states of residence to be counted to help him in his electricity distributions. The same man who always deport people of other regions to decongest Lagos.

After the census exercise, when the people of the south-east had been used to cement the population of the south-west and North, Fashola will now signal Ambode to initiate a phantom urban renewal program that would result in a demolition spree of businesses and properties owned by the southeasterners in Lagos to eject them from the state. Kwankwaso will signal his counterpart from Kano and other northern states to instigate violence that would push out the people of the south-east from the north to enable them enjoy the booty from the census count.

Ndi Igbo in the southwest and North should use their common sense. Stop claiming that you are the smartest when the north and west will be using you as their pawn. The 2018 census will confirm that the Igbo will be triumphant when the referendum to leave Nigeria contraption is conducted. Vacate the south-west and North enmass to your villages and states of origin in order to destroy the southwest and north agenda for you. Your population is the largest. Use it to your advantage.

Stop allowing them to use you.

Join the campaign for independent Igbo country. Join the campaign for #referendum

—-Okey Igbokwe


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