Washington DC: Due to the current wave of unrest in Southern Cameroons and the release of the Amnesty International report on extra judicial killings in Biafra, the OEAS make an important announcement to all its friends and supporters in West Africa:

The OEAS calls on Biafrans, Cabindans and Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) in the name of national self-determination to now consider and take up total armed resistance and self-defense.  The OEAS expresses no confidence in the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS or International Criminal Court to protect the Biafrans and other Christians in Nigeria and the Anglophones of Bakassi and Southern Cameroons from summary execution and detention.  The Cabindans likewise have been abandoned by the EU, UN and African Union.

The Nigerian regime openly promotes Sharia law which relegates Christians to second class citizens and subjects them to blasphemy laws. Boko Haram still enjoys support from some elements of the Nigerian government. President Buhari continues to order summary execution and detention of activists in Biafra and the Niger Delta. It is no crime to take up arms to avoid genocide. Each resistance group must make its own decision in this matter, but OEAS strongly believes there is no justice to be had from the existing governmental structures in Nigeria.

Fatou Bensouda, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court refuses to indict ISIS or Boko Haram for their crimes against humanity and genocidal actions in Nigeria and Cameroun and ECOWAS and the African Union do the bidding of their government members without a care for the oppressed peoples of Africa. The UN sold the Bakassi people to Cameroun dictator like so many cattle without their consent or a vote.  In the face of such inaction and malfeasance, self-defense by the 80 million Christians of Nigeria and Biafra may be the only option to avoid mass genocide.

In the Republic of Cameroun, Paul Biya has been in joint-control of the lives of the people since 1962 and high-handedly ruled since 1982 as dictator with the support of France. The Anglophone Southern Cameroons, supposed to be a coequal republic to French Cameroun has been relegated to servitude status. Southern Cameroonians are subject to summary detention and execution by the military.  Today as strikes and protests occur throughout Southern Cameroons, the people must now decide if they are to take up resistance and at what level.

In Cabinda, the independence promised in 1975 by the Organization of African Unity is still denied by the Angolan occupation. The Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda (FLEC) fighters continue their armed resistance. However, the Angolan dictator, dos Santos, who has ruled Angola and Cabinda since 1979 with an iron fist recently appointed his billionaire daughter the head of the Angolan oil monopoly.  Isabel dos Santos is now the richest woman in Africa with billions of dollars, much of it oil from Cabinda. In the face of such avarice, FLEC should consider sharply increasing its resistance activities.

The OEAS as a NGO exists to support national self-determination in Africa.  Each group battling for national self-determination must make its own decision. The OEAS however advises that protection of one’s life is an unalienable human right and that self-help is acceptable where the international governmental organizations have failed utterly to do their jobs

For a free and independent Biafra, Cabinda and Southern Cameroons in 2017!


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