Reports reaching Biafra24 news desk says that Goska town of the occupied Southern Kaduna is under attack by Terrorist group “Fulani herdsmen”

A source disclosed to our news team that many have been killed at the moment as the attack by the state governor sponsored terrorist group “Fulani” continues.

Recall that  two Local Governments in Southern Kaduna are on a curfew at the moment due to the continuous attacks by the Fulani terrorist.

November this British member of parliament who visited Nigeria was attacked by Fulani terrorist shouting Allah akubar while in the same months hundreds of innocent Biafra civilians was slaughtered by same fulani terrorist in in occupied Biafra capital Enugu.

The British baroness spoke of the horror after she narrowly escaped an ambush by Islamist terrorist during a humanitarian visit to a Nigeria.

Baroness Caroline Cox, 79, was visiting survivors in the war-ravaged village of Jong when her group heard of a probable attack.

Minutes later, Islamic Fulani terroristn blocked the only route out of the village, in central Nigeria, and opened fire on civilians with AK47s.


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