The Nigeria head of the regime, Jihadist Mohammadu Buhari and his Terror military released 593 Boko haram terrorists without even trial? This happened in Nigeria where thousand of Biafrans is held and being tried for treason.

Uchenna Onyema A Biafran farmer who reacted to the ugly situation of the Igbo people cut up in the Nigeria slave market said “IPOB and MASSOB are the most peaceful and nonviolent agitators in the world yet their members are locked without bail.” he goes further to state that

It is a shame that this is happening to a  people who are the most educated in the slave plantation called “Nigeria” and has produced the foremost in every field. 593 boko haram terrorists released and the nation didn’t react.


593 boko haram terrorists released by their northern people military, The youths prefer to popularize the social television shows than talk about their security. what is more shameful is that none of this youths has ever asked what is the alliance between Buhari lead administration with Boko haram terrorist? why is the government arresting outspoken voice? Why is the government only fighting terror in media? If the government of Jihadist Buhari continue to release Boko haram terrorist without trial why arrest them in the first place?

According to a credible source, The APC lead government of Buhari is not fighting to defeat or destroy boko haram. The government is fighting to redirect boko haram from killing Muslims to killing none and southerners. They ‘re redeployed to strategic position for 2019 election, Those arrested were given brief lectures, rehabilitations and told to take instructions from the head of the military.

They are part of the herdsmen, Anambra is currently under attack by Hausa-Fulani terrorist and corrupt police, our society has been destroyed by the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate, the rulers of Nigeria.

Ndi-Igbo your societies are dying at a very fast pace.” When you think of terrorism, killings, armed robbery, economic extraction, stealing, political persecution, collapse of educational system, unwed mothers, massive corruption, embezzlement, bribery, breakdown of law and order, insecurity of life and property, brigandage, massive unemployment, decayed and decaying infrastructure, collapse of social services remember one thing – the only cause is continued stay in Nigeria.


So long as you stay in Nigeria so long will the decay and death of our society continue until we decay and smell so badly that no one will venture to come close to us. You can run to Abuja or Lagos, you can join genocidist and baby killer Mohammadu Buhari to imprison all Biafra activist and charge them for treason, you can fill every room in your house with dollars from bribe money from Sokoto caliphate and thief Chris Ngige, you can relocate your family to the united state of America or the republic of Ireland , you can fall down and beg for political appointment from the same Hausa Fulani Yoruba that have been slaughtering your people, you can do whatever you like only remember one thing we are telling you today – your house is on fire, your hair is on fire, your pant is on fire, there is no escape. Our people in the armed services must think seriously about this. Our people in the academy must stop organizing conferences and talk shops and think of practical solutions. Our people in journalism must inform the world in clear terms that all we want is to throw off the yoke of imperialism by Nigeria and take our destiny in our own hands. Our people in the movie industry must begin to project our people’s demand for freedom and independence in their movies. Every man woman and child must now focus on one thing and one thing only – how to separate ourselves from the evil called Nigeria and achieve independence, freedom, self determination for our people. No more, no less!

May G-d bless all you smart people of Biafra and the sovereign independent State of Biafra!



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