The distractive prank of challenging one Protester to a debate in one corner, is too shallow a prank.

Since the Protesters already listed their reasons for the action they are embarking upon, those widely advertised reasons stand as their own presentation in the already ongoing hot debate amongst the populace and international arena, on what to do with a dumb, deaf, blind, lame, lying and hallucinating Government, if Femi Adesina trusts his brilliance, oratorical skills and courage of heart, let him go address the Protesters with the Government side of the issues outlined by the Protesters, right at the Protest ground, not in one cosy or dinghy Television Studio or garrisoned Town Hall Venue.

I’m certain he knows he would neither return to his Workdesk in the Aso Coven, nor his little abode inside that abominable sprawl from where so much evil and misery spew forth upon a People raped to stupor by his Principals. I’m sure that the Protesters will join issues with him on such a scale and to such a depth that the outcome would redeploy him to the nearest morgue from where would function for eternity.

As for the Protesters, when they finish with their street gyration and jollification, let them be told by whoever can address them in vernaculars, that their Nigeria is a criminal enterprise defined by a fraudulent Constitution which take away their rights to live decently, their livelihoods and their commonweal which is vested exclusively upon the operators of the criminal enterprise whom they naively call “Government”. It does appear to me that the grammar deployed by Nonye Obodoeke to explain the cause of the multifarious woes they now seek to protest, had been swallowed up by the demon of mediocrity that minister day and night upon the hypnotised generation that ask no existential questions.

If they, the Protesters, do not question the egregious falsehood that “We the People” enacted our damnation, their forged Signature would remain solidly in place, as the source of life and potency to that fraudulent instrument, the so-called Constitution 1999 which completely expropriate their homelands, dehumanize them as individuals whilst binding them hand and feet into the

slave-waggon tagged “Nigeria”.

Let them be told that the rotten, noxious liquids they seek to mop by their protests, gush out from the tap in a hidden corner called

“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” and that the remedy to the multidimensional woes they seek to protest is in turning off that tap. Not in mopping. Gani died, mopping. Beko died, mopping. Chima Ubani died mopping. Yet the rot piled up all the more, requiring even a more vigorous mopping which Buhari promised them to would personally lead. Instead of abating, there is now a fast flowing deluge of the same rot, sweeping millions into murky levels of misery.

The answers lies in turning off the tap.

Let someone let the organisers of the Protest know that the greatest achievement the Protest can secure is to sum up all their demands into one, “WE THE PEOPLE REJECT THE FRAUDULENT 1999 CONSTITUTION AS THE BASIS OF NIGERIA”.

That is how to turn off that tap.

Without more, the moment this is done effectively by the Protesters, everything required to remove the torment from the people will be automatically activated because the tormentors of the People (the Government), will realize that the end has finally come to their long streak of luck which was completely dependent on the fact that the traumatized People of Nigeria did not know this secret source of their tormentors’ power.

Anything less is an absolute waste of their time and energies. This I can say with a good measure of authority, knowing what I know about the subject and being as involved as I have been in it.

This was what the Ojota Rallies of 2012 that began with the so-called Fuel Subsidy removal failed to do for which reason we are now where we are.

Let anyone who can reach the Organisers tell them that Lower Niger Congress sent this message to them.


Call +234-810-056-9448.

Tony Nnadi.


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