A middle-age man, Mr Samson Musa, yesterday asked an Ojo Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage because his wife is carrying another man’s pregnancy.

Musa said his wife, Tunrayo, of three years, was sleeping with other men.

He said Tunrayo’s six-month pregnancy was not his.

“I can’t live with a woman that is promiscuous, sleeping around, troublesome and does not have any regard for me,” he said.

Musa also asked the court to grant him custody of their two-year-old son “so that the boy will not grow up to be like his mother”.

“Tunrayo cannot take good care of our albino son,” he said.

He said because to his wife’s ”promiscuity”, their son, Faruk, has been given many names at the motor park where she trades.

“I can’t take it any longer,” he said.

Tunrayo, 38, urged the court to disregard Musa’s allegations, saying he abandoned her.

She said Musa is not providing well enough for her.

“My husband does not take care of me and that is why I find myself roaming the streets because of no accommodation.

“I was even raped twice in a container while hawking water in sachet popularly known as `pure water.’ Yes, I cannot say who owns this pregnancy, but as for my son, I will not release him. After all, Musa did not pay any bride price on me,” she said.

The court’s President, Chief Joseph Ogunmola, advised the petitioner to retrace his steps and act as a responsible father and husband.

He ordered that a test be done to ascertain the paternity of the disputed pregnancy.

“I will advise the petitioner to also try to formalise his marriage,” Ogunmola said.

“I also advise the respondent to stop having multiple sexual mates,” he added.

He adjourned the case to June 22


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