Murtala Muhammed is one of the ruthless fulani puppet, he is unintelligent, ill disciplined, uncharismatic, unprincipled, nondescript & unreasonable failed soldier. Originally from Auchi Edo state with a fulani mother.

Naturally, the idiot would have died unknown officer throughout his career but the January 1966 coup throw up such character, fortunately he was wasted like a common chicken by col Dimka.

Murtala Muhammed and other alimajiri officers organised a secessionist coup(Araba) & pogrom that targeted and consumed more than 60.000 lives mainly Igbos, aftermath of the major Kaduna Chukwuma Nzeogwu led coup. Traders, civil servants, artisan and children were massacred in cold blood. Pregnant women were cut into pieces, women were raped, children were burnt alive and Murtala Muhammed personally participated and engineered this heinous crime to show his undying loyalty to fulani caliphate & preparatory to seceding from Nigeria.

The flag of the Northern republic was already flying and Yakubu Gowon had also preparatory to Northern secession given his now famous “no basis for Nigerian unity” speech.

However, British (colonialist) warned the idiot, Yakubu Gowon and other alimajiri officers the danger of barren north and the need to continue exploitation of eastern region resources, from this point, they changed from secession to One Nigeria.

As a blood sucking idiot, Murtala Muhammed robbed central Bank in Benin when the war commenced, he unleashed a massacre of Igbos in Benin, however Asaba became the most dreaded place where he killed tens of thousand innocent youths, mothers, children, fathers etc. Another barbaric massacre was unleashed in Onitsha and more than 300 people praying in church were brutally murdered in cold blood.

The villain remains one the war criminal and opportunist in nigeria flawed history, he exhibited his crude barbarity mainly on women and defenceless civilians and outside that, he is a coward & a failed soldier who In spite of the immense amounts of men and ammunition at his disposal suffered crushing defeats in most of his military campaigns against barely armed Biafran soldiers.

His military campaign to take Onitsha, where he acted against orders from military headquarters ended in a humiliating defeat, and his 96 vehicle column of heavily armed troops who were ambushed and totally wiped out at Abagana are some of the worst defeats suffered by the Nigerian army in the civil war. His string of tactical failures led to his exit from the war theatre.

The idiot seized power in a coup in July 1975 but was shot and wasted like a chicken by col Dimka. He left behind a legacy of bank robbery, war criminal, barbarities etc, an avowed secessionist who became an apostle of one Nigeria, not because he believed in the Zoo but for a selfish opportunism.

Emergence of his likes as rulers like Buhari remains the greatest reason why Nigeria has failed and that is why we re asking for our own country.

All hail Biafra

We shall continue from where we stop last year

Emeka John Onyema


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