José Mourinho has said he was appalled by the racist incident involving a group of Blues fans on the Paris metro.

“I felt ashamed when I found out”, he said. “However, I’m proud to be the Chelsea boss because I know what this club stands for. These supporters do not represent the club”, he continued.

Several Chelsea fans were filmed by a commuter insulting and pushing a black Frenchman on the Paris metro ahead of their Champions League 1-1 draw with Paris Saint-Germain.

The black man tried to board a carriage, but the Chelsea fans pushed him back off before chanting: “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”. Chelsea have already temporarily banned three of the people involved from Stamford Bridge. If they are found guilty, they will receive lifelong banning orders.

Arsenal’s French boss, Arsène Wenger described the incidents as “pathetic and dreadful”. “Unfortunately these sorts of things always repeat themselves. You have to be extremely severe with any incident of that calibre”, he said.

“It’s a social problem. Look, people more intelligent than me thought long and hard on this matter and couldn’t find a magical solution. You have to start with educating kids to have a more open-minded attitude”, he said.


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