One Nigeria, as an ideology, remains an illusion which may never be realized. The window of opportunity for actualizing the vision of “One Nigeria” is closing very fast, particularly if the intransigence and arrogance of the Caliphate order of the former North persist as we witness today. The ethnic nationalities of the Lower Niger shall soon vote in a referendum which would be used to ascertain our peoples’ wishes, going forward, with regards to the acceptability of a unitary Nigeria that thrives on seizing our ancestral lands and all the God-given treasures contained within them. This referendum shall also demonstrate our peoples’ resolve and readiness to retake the ownership of our ancestral lands which are currently being systematically ravaged and destroyed by sheer greed and recklessness of external intruders and usurpers without regard, whatsoever, for the very survival of the indigenous inhabitants who call the Lower Niger home.
The task ahead of us is as clear as clean spring water. All hands must, therefore, now be on deck!
Mr Okenwa


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