August 25, 2015, media reports had it that the Arewa CONSULTATIVE FORUM (ACF), speaking through its Chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Coomasie (a former Inspector-General of Police), took umbrage at the elders of Eastern Nigeria for failing to halt the widespread, “treasonable” agitations by its youths for the resuscitation of Biafra, reminding them of the bitter consequences of the 1967-1970 attempt, more or less boasting about the tragic pogroms and genocide visited by the North and its allies in the Southwest, upon the East by killing over 3 million, confiscating Eastern Assets and generally desolating the Eastern society and economic landscape. In a veiled threat to reenact these evils against the East by another war, the ACF hailed the great democracy of Nigeria which it lamented, is now being sabotaged and jettisoned by the agitations for independence by the East.

The Lower Niger Congress (LNC), in its capacity as the Convener of the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER, held in PORT HARCOURT 27th April 2015 and on behalf of the Standing Committee set up by that Assembly, wishes to remind the Global Community as follows:

(1) That sometime in 2010, when upon the demise of President Umaru Y’Ardua, indications emerged that his erstwhile deputy, President Goodluck Jonathan, may contest the 2011 presidential election, a prominent chieftain of this same ACF, Lawal Kaita, who was a former Governor of old Kaduna State, threatened that the North would make Nigeria ungovernable, should Jonathan or anyone from the South win the 2011 presidential election, claiming that such would amount to denying the North it’s birthright of ruling Nigeria.

(2) That true to that threat, upon the victory of Jonathan from the 2011 presidential election, massive violence was unleashed from the North by a group which called itself Boko Haram and which repeatedly took responsibility for unending mayhem which began with the killing of Youth Corp members who worked ad-hoc for INEC in that election.

(3) As the barbaric killings and destructions reigned, especially with the attack by Boko Haram on the UN Building and Force Headquarters in Abuja, the Lower Niger Congress publicly posited that the nexus between the aforementioned threat by ACF’s, Lawal Kaita and the Boko Haram’s bloody campaigns summarily destroyed any prospects for keeping the Nigeria Union.

(4) That specifically, on the 30th of June, 2011, the LNC, joined by its other MNN partners, on behalf of Nigeria’s entrapped non-sharia, non-feudal ethnic nationalities, jointly declared their rejection of Unitary Nigeria, defined by the so-called 1999 Constitution for reasons outlined in that Lagos Declaration, proclaiming their decision to seek an alternative political future in Self-determination by Referendum, within the ambit of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, warning that their peoples would not accept the conduct of any further National elections under the fraudulently imposed 1999 Constitution as no democracy could be based on such a master-servant constitutional order. (See full text of the MNN Lagos Declaration 2011 in the website The Declaration was so published as advertorials in several national dailies)

(5) It is on record that the LNC and its MNN partners pushed relentlessly for a wholesale Sovereign renegotiation of Nigeria’s constitutional arrangements, compelling the then President Jonathan to convene the 2014 National Conference, which in his words “was aimed at realistically examining and genuinely resolving, long-standing impediments to our cohesion and development as a truly United country”, (quoted from the text of the President’s Speech inaugurating the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue, 7th October, 2013.)

(6) It is noteworthy that, at the peak of what became an almost ubiquitous push for some grand renegotiation of Nigeria, this same ACF took full-page advertorials to ridicule the proponents of Sovereign Conference and arrogantly declaring that “THE TERMS OF OUR NATIONAL UNION AND THOSE BY WHICH THE NIGERIAN FEDERATION ARE RUN HAVE BEEN WELL DEFINED IN OUR CONSTITUTION, (see Daily Sun, February 3, 2012). ALADINMA pointedly replied to ACF by an advertorial in the Daily Sun of June 21, 2012, that WE HAVE NOT DISCUSSED AND THAT ITS OWN UNILATERAL DEFINITION WILL NOT STAND. (See the full text of the ALADINMA EPISTLE and MNN Bulletins 1-4 on the website

It was, therefore, no surprise that in October 2013, following the bold announcement by President Jonathan, presenting the sudden prospect of revisiting the master-servant constitutional arrangements of Nigeria infuriated the warmongering born-to-rule Caliphate whose cause was championed by the same ACF, and who, supported by their allies from the renegade wing of the Yoruba Southwest, launched a vicious, frontal attack on the initiative, teaming on the floor of the Conference into a majority, and driving the Conference into its first major decision, i.e. NOT TO DISCUSS THE TERMS OF NIGERIA’S UNITY. The rest of the Conference was a jamboree that provided a luxurious platform for the North/SW Alliance, parading itself as a new political party named APC, to fine-tune their violent March to the do-or-die 2015 general elections.

(7) Seeing the emerging scenarios and its geopolitical implications, the Lower Niger Congress trenchantly pressed for the deferment of the 2015 Elections to allow first, a settlement of the disputed constitutional arrangements as basis for further national elections. LNC repeatedly warned that should the 2015 elections proceed as planned, whoever won, the Union of Nigeria would be fractured beyond redemption along its old fault-lines. (See front page of the Guardian of 8th February, 2015)

(8) The very noisy, all conquering propaganda machinery of the alliance and its party, the so-called APC, taunted off these life-or-death prescription for Nigeria as a ploy to elongate the tenure of Jonathan, conveniently forgetting that this same prescription from LNC had been on the table, long before Jonathan became President and had been pursued with equal vigour resulting in the PRONACO parallel and the fatal suit against the 1999 Constitution, both under the Obasanjo Presidency. The records are there for all.

(9) Now, to the ACF’s latest outburst regarding the current quest for independence by what the ACF chooses to call ‘Igbo Youth” which, in reality, is a countrywide consensus being driven by various distressed ethnic blocs, including the mainstream Yoruba and the authentic Middle Belt, (not the willing tools generation), all in pursuit of self-redemption from the burning house of Lugard, in exercise of what the rest of the civilized world calls Self-determination, the Lower Niger Congress wishes to categorically remind the ACF and its allies in Nigeria and elsewhere that concrete steps are already in full swing to ascertain the true wishes of the Peoples of the Lower Niger regarding their political future distinct from the failed Union of Nigeria.

At the well-publicized and well-attended SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN Port Harcourt, 27th April 2015, Accredited Ethnic Delegations of the Lower Niger unanimously adopted an 1885 map of the Lower Niger as well as a five-point Resolution Mandating a Referendum on Self-determination for the Peoples of the Territory in response to the serial murderous conspiratorial alliance assembled by the Caliphate which, forming a “majority”, pretends at democracy but refuses to discuss the constitutional basis of the Union, thereby forcing the Lower Niger along in a master-servant Union which has long been a toxic liability to indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger. (See Solemn Assembly National newspapers advertorials, pre and post, in The Guardian of April 26, 2015 and ThisDay of 7th May, 2015).

(10) While not necessarily endorsing the tactics and strategies adopted by the agitators listed in the ACF’s monologue, LNC wishes to inform all stakeholders that the issues raised by the agitations of MASSOB, OPC, MEND, RADIO BIAFRA etc (and even BOKO Haram when it declares a preference for sharia), are simple constitutional questions and the current globally accepted mechanism for resolving them is the Referendum. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, settled the issues. Ignorance of this 2007 UN instrument seems to be at the heart of the War Drums being beaten by Ibrahim Coomasie and his co-travelers in the ACF.

In closing, may we remind all that Nigeria now has to deal with the poor choices it made in the past.

In 1967, we had ABURI and ARABA to choose from, the obduracy of keeping Nigeria Unified by force instead of United by Agreement prevailed. Today, the ABURI Option has been extinguished by a combination of pursuit of Sharia and blind Feudalism. We now have to choose only between Referendum-driven ARABA as proposed by the MNN partners, including LNC, or the violence-driven ARABA as being proposed by the Coomasie and his ACF.

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Tony Nnadi

Secretary General

Lower Niger Congress

Fred Agbeyegbe


Lower Niger Congress



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