The painstaking and persistent push by foresighted leadership of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is finally but surely bringing our people closer to the threshold of our collective self-redemption. With a clear bait in front of us all, the chase must be on full throttle. The Referendum is the bait ……and we have to go for it with gusto!

The Mistake goes back further to the Berlin Scramble, 1885?!
Let’s deal with the present in order to change the future!It can be recreate the environment for the posterity of NdiIgbo and their fellow compatriots..we need a new refrain that denotes the full re-engagement of the Igbo nation without apologies to anyone!
Its all within our grasp to learn and relay the lessons from our history!

Were you not aware that while the so-called National Confab was going on, Biafra agitation was still ongoing, unwavering –even on international stage? Were you not aware that Ogonis were also seeking to exit Nigeria, while that National Confab was ongoing?

Have you asked Ijaws what their position is about exiting or remaining in Nigeria?

Are you not aware that a large section of the individuals pressing for Biafra are from both the SE and SS?

Are you not aware that Buhari said that he will not implement the “agreement” reached in that National Confab held last summer?

So, do you still believe that you have a case?

You can continue to embarrass yourself with infantile argument, but that Referendum is unfolding.

Referendum! Referendum!! Lower Niger Congress


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