Maazi Nnamdi Kanu Dir Radio Biafra London
The Nigeria DSS has failed to present Nnamdi Kanu in court. They refused to talk about his well being and denied his lawyers access to see him. He was supposed to be in court today; instead the Nigeria DSS failed to provide him and also failed to give a reasonable excuse for such actions.

This act of terror by Nigeria and her security agents has reached the point of reaction and we shall not keep quiet any longer, we have given the occupational government of nigeria enough time to provide him, if my next court hearing Nnamdi Kanu and Benjamin onwuka is not presented to Biafrans, The occupation called Nigeria will feel the wrath of the Biafran people.

We will make sure that the Nigeria government and the DSS pay dearly, if it turns out that Nnamdi Kanu is no longer live. Every human in that geographical expression would pay for it, even the birds in the air would pay for it.

Every State and nation should please withdraw her citizens from Nigeria and Business, you have upto the next court hearing to withdraw your innocent ones and business.

To ohanaeze thank you for allowing enemy to kill and kidnap us, we have received your invitation we shall pay you that visit, Ikuku ga eku.


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