“Nigeria does not worth dying for ”

There is now an ongoing debate over suspicion that Buhari’ s anticipation search light may be targeting some set of Nigerian politicians while giving some others some pat on the wrists.
The debate has been fearlessly anchored on behalf of some Igbos by Vin Otuonye , USA, and by a group I would describe as blind followers by JUI , a Deltan, also living in the USA.
Otuonye has argued that Nigeria does not worth dying for if for instance, she does not meet or near the attempt in proving it cares for the masses and some , a section is neglected regularly.
Vin Otuonnye is Igbo and can present the case of the second Niger bridge that has been denied his people as a reason the Igbos may decide to have beneficiaries of such a facility now in place in their side of the country to commit a mass suicide in defence of Nigeria should Boka Haram become more viral in their zones.

I do not see any offence in one saying Nigeria does not worth dying for if the person saying so believes Nigeria has not been particularly fair to him or his people.

I believe a lot of Nigerians won’t die for Nigeria unless our big official thieves , looters , are forced to bring back their loots and be jailed for life.

A lot of Nigerians won’t fight for Nigeria
unless they feel equally treated by Nigeria in same manner some other parts have been favored.

JUI and Dan , Achusim and Vin may have ran away from Nigeria than stay put and die there in the name of loving Nigeria that seems everlastingly a prospect stripped nation for any poor that plans to live a better life and guarantee same for his kids and family home and abroad.

JUI should know Nigeria will be vacated today for the West, by over 79% of her citizens should there be such a policy by the West to take any Nigerian that would love to leave the country .

This is because hoping for a better Nigeria is like what the bible says about waiting for the Lord. ( Isaiah 40 vs 31)

Unemployment keeps growing, poverty keeps growing, impunity, looting and sabotaging the polity and economy remains unchecked .
Vin Otuonye and his likes, those now feeling it is suicidal to fight for Nigeria are not as harmful or less patriotic to Nigeria than JUI is drumming. Our cries , drumming on the ills looting, nepotism may by the most patriotic songs in support of Nigeria than a vote for PDP would ever mean .

We have been safe and shall forever be a stable Nigeria under Vin Otuonye’ s decision than with what Abacha, Obasanjo, IBB and all politicians that have had to have a thing or two to do with sabotaging Nigeria thereby making it a continual hell for those that may never partake in looting the country.

There are thousands of hopeless Nigerian unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Owerri ,Aba and Lagos and Sokoto. Some have not worked for a day in their lives because no one hired them. No jobs.
JUI wants us to believe these hopelessly unemployed guys would die for Nigeria when they know some of our government officials steal our National resources that could have been used to provide employment opportunities for them.

There is nothing like unconditional love, patriotism for a country in same vein a country would not expect to love her criminals and economic saboteurs . There is not even an unconditional God’s love in heaven and here on earth under God.

A people under a country expect basic services to make them honor their loyalties. Employment, quality healthy, quality and affordable education sane government, availability of food. Security.

The reason Americans including me and my boys would not mind dying for USA are a lot.
Here is a story most Nigerians with college age kids in NY would say:

This summer, my little boy had a job and made enough money , enough for his snacks and may be a pair or more shoes doing a summer job, so we do not have to worry about such items for the first 2 months from Mid August when he goes back to his college.

My other boy had a lucrative job waiting for him by his 3rd year in college. He would have been there in the job by now if we had not decided that working /
money should not be his concern at this time.
I have another boy graduating May 2016 and already has a job waiting for him.
My case – USA graduating students and graduates getting jobs without a lot of difficulties is not unique to my family alone. JUI would say same about himself in the USA and his kids.
Ola is a living testimony to my story above. He would say same about his kids in Canada and the USA. Can we say this about our kids in Nigeria come the next 21 years ?
There are some national moral cultures that would make one decide to be Jesus for his people and country. We lack a lot of such in Nigeria. No reasonable person would die for a country that cannot decide to die for her people by seeking to get our economic saboteurs under book.

A new York federal house member had to resign and now fighting to save himself from jail for paying his restaurant workers cash instead of using checks. The process , USA, abhors cheating, economic sabotage of the government. Can we say so about Nigeria, if so, why has Buhari not released the names of people reported to have sabotaged our country , if what we heard about that is true ?

A highly influential governor of NY had to resign for looking and may be touching a prostitute’ s laps. Would this happen in Nigeria , I mean a governor resigning for being found taking another man’s wife to bed ?
There are one million and more reasons
JUI and any honest Nigerian in USA can give in defence of dying for USA than can be said about dying for Nigeria. Life in the USA is full of hope and almost hunger free for the rich and poor alike.
Some would argue against some of my examples on the bases of
Comparing apples with oranges , but guess what, does Nigeria need to live in a 17 century world in 21 st century before we know a government has responsibility to ensure equal favors, fairness and quality of life, employment for her people?

The true lovers of Nigeria today are all that believe Nigeria does not worth dying for. A lot of us left, making a living outside Nigeria and sending our $1 for N190 home to help feed our families at home and for jobs for the unemployed at home now working for us on our individual housing projects in our villages .
It can never be our politicians that take out, dupe, loot our National treasuries into overseas banks that are more patriotic than Vin Otuonyes and the youths that never got a pay check in Nigeria.

Moreover, how many of us would say Nigeria would die for us ? A way a country dies for her citizens is by spending her resources to provide employment opportunities for her citizens. That is one way to guarantee a hunger free citizenry that can now bear arms if called to defend Nigeria. There are a lot of Otuonyes. Vin happens to be more courageous to announce the feelings of a lot of us. He may have spoken for JUIs as well.

Dan. Akusobi.


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