Igbo journey out of Nigeria can only be led by the best that Igbo have to offer

We are confident that it is a few focused and incorruptible Igbo who through team spirit (njiko,) aka idi ocha (sterling character) and amamife (wisdom) will eventually, without guns and bombs free the Igbo from Nigeria. These Igbo-centric politicians will need to work in partnership with their Igbo brothers and sisters both at home and abroad to free their people and territory from Nigeria. They will have to depend on the veracity of the Igbo wisdom which says that; ire oma (ofor) ka idide ji aga n’ogu (awa ani🙂 Truth or belief in the justness of its cause (survival) the crawling worm crawls over thorns and breaks and through earth successfully without hurting itself and without the use of any apparent tools: Relying on one’s innate abilities to win. This truth reassures the few faithful Igbo; that seemingly impossible feats can still be achieved by a puny and inconsequential people if they applied humility, amamife and honesty in their pursuit of a just cause. In pursuing this goal the Biafranists will be required to continually apply ako n’uche; guileless smart thinking. Therefore, dishonest persons should not have any place in this movement or effort to free the Igbo nation and its people.
Backing up the demand for humility, amamife and honesty in Igbo affairs we make reference to the Igbo institution of ofor n’ogu. Traditionally, ofor the physical symbol of ogu (justice) is only held by the elders whose moral values and ethical probity have been proven on several occasions. Igbo definition of the elder does not always consist in the age of the individual. Relatively, young honest achievers of greatness who are endowed with amamife and who apply such wisdom for the advancement of justice are also considered elders who their strength of character has earned them their place in the elders’ council. These kind of wise young-elders are very unlike their other young counterparts who are smart and may have also achieved success but engage in trickery and the use of their cleverness to twist facts and realities. No, the young-elders honestly, sincerely and truthfully discern public and private matters. They wield ofor Igbo without blemish. This assertion can further be explained in the saying that nwata kwo o aka osoro okenye rie ife: If a child can wash clean its hands it can also eat from the same dish as the elders. (In the same vein the reader can still be reminded that one of the major ceremonial rites which those that sit in the elders’ council perform is isa ire; “tongue washing.”)
With this understanding, we are calling out Igbo “elders” who have passed through the rite of “tongue washing;” who understand that they can no longer tell lies or deceive the people. If such “elders” are endued with honesty, amamife and are of proven integrity, let them step forward and assume the responsibility of raising high the ofor Igbo as they work as teams, leading the way to free Igbo nation from Nigerian entanglement and bondage. We have had enough of leaving the most serious of Igbo businesses in the hands of men and women of shady character and of dubious credentials. In this journey to freedom, the Igbo must be led by the best they have got.
Written by
Osita Ebiem
On behalf of Biafra Government in Exile lead by Prof Emmanuel Enekwechi
For Biafra24 Radio.


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