The Chairman of United Progressives Party,UPP, founder of APGA and former Presidential candidate,Chief Chekwas Okorie, has called on Ndi Igbo to put security before anything else. Chief Chekwas said this while reacting to the recent terrorist attack in Ndiagwu Attakwu, Akegbe-Ugwu in Nkanu West Local Government.

The attack had left five people dead and four others several injured, one of the victims a pregnant woman – Mrs. Ifeoma Agbo, until her death was receiving treatment at one of the hospitals in the community, along with other victims.

The Chairman of Nkanu West LGA, Mr. Afam Okereke, confirmed her death to the press in an interview, said in a bid to prevent such occurrence, especially after the Nimbo attack, he had called several security meetings with the Fulani community.

But the UPP former presidential candidate disagreed on calling of meeting with Fulani community, he said on no account should it happen.

Chief Okorie, while speaking to Biafra24 said Ndiigbo must now put security at the forefront everything else, I do not know the reason why Enugu state has not followed the same guideline as Anambra and Abia both state have organised ndiche, that is exactly what the security vote is for, I advise the governor to quickly put a measure in place and assure umuiigbo and the state resident of secure life and property, the mandate given to him is base on trust and he must proof to the citizens his capable of securing the state from terrorist attack.

Any state without security scares investors and what we are witnessing here in Enugu is alarming, it’s an Igbo problem not just Enugu people problem, Ebonyi is vulnerable as well. 

When asked why the Igbo governors meeting forum stopped, Chief Chekwas was filled with genuine anger toward the ill development in the political arena of Ndiigbo, he quickly answered ” It’s Rochas Okorocha, he planted the seed of division among the political figures in Igbo land, he divided ohaneze and planned destroying Igbo political future. we must come together and make sure people like this never emerges again in Igbo land.


The former chairman of APGA urged the Igbo political figure to come together regardless of party of affiliation and to take a firm and decisive action on the activities of Fulani terrorist in Igbo land.

The affected community has asked the state government to direct that all Fulani to leave the area immediately or they might be pushed into taking laws into their hands, you all read that in the news and no civilised society function like this, I will urge the governor not to depend on police for the security of Enugu.

If its means bringing Bakassi boys down here and arming them, that would be a welcome idea, but going back to sleep knowing the next one would happen but only a matter of time and where is what we must all now be awake for.



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