I send you Greetings from the Secretariat of the Lower Niger Congress. It is rarely our preference to partake in debates that are driven by the manifest ignorance of a lazy or mischievous few, even in the face of abundant, freely available information pool. But for the sake of larger public that may get confused by the arguments and concoctions of a few they hold in some intellectual esteem, this intervention becomes necessary.

Again the mediocrity foisted on many by the Nigerian System is taking its toll such that people who parade all kinds of educational paper-feats by way of certificates, degrees and titles, pen their ignorance for public consumption. Now to businesses.

A visit to the website www.lowernigerreferendum.de will show several MNN BULLETINS by which the joint platforms of the Lower Niger Congress, the Federation of Oodua People and the Middle-Belt Congress, operating under the aegis of Movement for New Nigeria (MNN), addressed the global Community in well publicized advertorials on the issues of their pains and frustrations regarding Nigeria’s Constitutional arrangements, tracing same through all the epochs from colonial through military years to the present, detailing all efforts to restore equity by way of return to federal basis for the Union and how such efforts have been rebuffed by the born-to-rule band and their collaborators. The Bulletins articulated the two options of either restoring the Regional Autonomy that was the basis of federal Nigeria or the emergence of independent units for failure of consensus.

With the escalation of violent sharia pursuits, openly supported by known political leaders of the far North, the option of keeping Nigeria as one political Union got knocked off the table, leaving only the option of the emergence of independent Units. This watershed development was documented and widely publicized with several mass events in June, 2011, culminating in what became the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION, 2011 which also is available on the aforementioned website.

The processes for the peacefully pursuit of the self-determination goal was fully articulated in that Declaration with Referendum as it’s key.

(2) By subsequent Bulletins, 1-4, MNN outlined the processes in some detail, taking time to show that neither the National Assembly nor the Government holds the sovereignty of the People such as would empower the making of Constitutions on the peoples’ behalf and so the question of authorization by National Assembly doesn’t arise.
(3) The Resolutions of the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT on 27th April 2015 summarize the reasoning and processes for opting out of the failed Union of Nigeria.
(4) The Referendum literature, circulating massively at home as fliers also shows the historical rounds of conspiracies that lead to only one logical conclusion, i.e. that the choice is no longer between dismantling or keeping Nigeria, it is now between a peaceful, process-driven dissolution or a violent self-propelled disintegration. The Lower Niger peoples have chosen the former and are determined to see it through. The task had been quietly undertaken for over 17 years since after NADECO. Research PRONACO, MNN, CHANGE NIGERIA and you will see the sophistication that went into the planning and execution.

Several YouTube videos are also on the same site that shined even more light on the Project, including the latest titled the LOWER NIGER CONGRESS AT THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS IN WASHINGTON DC (PARTS 1&2), BACK TO ABURI, WHO OWNS PAPA’S LAND?, SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT. There are many more and they were all on many Nigeria’s National Television Houses.

Anyone who doesn’t take the trouble to digest all these as a basis for evaluating the Lower Niger’s quest for Referendum is going to expose his or her ignorance or dishonesty for all to see.

Welcome to informed debate and action.


Tony Nnadi


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