The Zionist Federation UK earlier yesterday sent an open letter to Transport for London (TfL) in response to reports that anti-Israel activists had placed fake adverts promoting ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ on the London Underground.

“To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing to express our concern over the appearance of a number of anti-Israel mock adverts that appeared on the London Underground, apparently placed without permission.

The materials in question promoted a one-sided approach to the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, recognised as one of the most contentious political disputes in the world. Their grotesque, reductionist, and inaccurate portrayals of the issue – arguing, for example, that Israel is not only involved in massacres, but also in effect controls the subsequent media coverage – would undoubtedly have resulted in an increase in community tensions.

This is not the time or place to argue the rights or wrongs of this or any other international conflict. We understand that TfL takes its obligations to maintain a safe environment for all its passengers seriously, irrespective of their background, and we are confident that part of the reason that these activists took this covert action was because they realised you would not have approved these materials. We also appreciate that these adverts are reported to have been taken down very swiftly, for which we thank you.

Our concern now is to make sure that such a distressing episode is not repeated. Now that the initial act of vandalism has been dealt with, what are the steps that TfL will take to both apprehend the original culprits, which would act as a deterrent, and also to safeguard your public spaces from further actions?

We hope to discuss this with you further.

Paul Charney,

Chairman of the Zionist Federation UK”

Our reporter reached out to Herut Magshimey youth coordinator Yeremiah who also condemned the  anti Israel adverts in various London underground stations: “

We are outraged that while Jews are being murdered in the streets of Judea for the crime of being Jewish, billboard campaigns abroad continue the popular demonization of the Jewish state. As responsible members of civil society we have to recognise that this incitement feeds hatred and extremism, an extremism we saw expressed in the recent terror attack on the Israeli restaurant in Ohio”.

Yeremiah is not the only worried Israelite i also reached out to Lisa Vogue, according to my conversation with her she is worried that Europe might be on the nazi Germany ideology in disguise again, reacting to my question Lisa said “

It is disheartening that people don’t educate themselves on the history of this conflict and the truth about what is really happening today, just follow misguided people like sheep.  Reacting to propaganda not thinking.  It reminds me of Germany in 1930s/40s but we can’t say that as people then really hate us more cause they say we “use” this whenever we are criticised.  But these people spread lies about Israel and the conflict like a bunch of SS Nazis (very effective)!  And it is literally causing deaths to Israelis, instilling justified fear among us in the Diaspora, and delaying justice and peace for all. Their misguided yet loud lies have reached the point of codification by our institutions – universities are a great example of this.  So, to me I think it is exactly like Nazi Germany.

To stay true to our beliefs and react with truth and nobility is a luxury we can’t afford. Didn’t work in the past.  So, sadly I think we have to play on their pathetic level.  To live to fight another day.  We will not allow another slaughter of our people!!

We are dealing with reactionary sheeple.” 

Lisa who not only diagnosed the current hate advert in London underground also offered what she presumed could be a counter measure in telling the world the reality of the situation in Israel “We must address our audience as they say.  Know our audience and adjust accordingly, Plaster the walls in uk with photos of the bloodied bodies of Israelis stabbed by Palestinian terrorist, Jews across the globe must Protest on their level – with the exception of violence.

Dafna Meir, a 38-year-old mother of six, was murdered on 17th of January in her home in Otniel, Meir was stabbed to death while defending her three children from a Palestinian terrorist.

Igbo Israel uk also condemned the advert describing it as advert of hate and fuelling lone woof terror.

in 1945 the world said never again but with the rise of anti Israel propaganda in Europe, america and universities lobbying african continent to join the anti Israel BDS, is a clear evidence that Arab states does not want peace in the region, the advert in London is clear evidence of export of hate and fuelling murder in Israel by lone terrors.


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