Niger Delta is not part of the current Biafra agitation & the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable.”Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State while visiting Sultan of Sokoto.

One Yoruba coward posted this propaganda on his wall this morning and too many Yoruba cowards cheered him to high heaven.

He narrated further how south south brothers seized Igbo properties after the civil war and how cowardly Yorubas pigs gave Igbo properties back. I don’t know how this hulabilo species sleeps in the night.I once called majority of them USELESS, yes they are USELESS to the core.

This people have excessively luggage in their hand, yet they talk about Igbos and Biafra, is not wise if they concentrate and deal with their problems than asking for more. I don’t remember asking them to speak on our behalf.

Some of them with their snake tongue always say that they in support of BiafraExit, that unity by force is a recipe for a disaster, don’t mind their sweet dangerous snake tongue, BiafraExit portends a great disaster for them because they re lazy to the bone and always blame Igbo domination for their failure.

As a proponent of Biafra emancipation, let me make it clear here, the Igbos do not want the area they call south south in Biafra. The only part of south south that is Biafra are the IGBO areas, again politicians are not the mouthpiece of Igbo nation.

Please take your Ijaws, Ibibios, Itsekiris, Uhobos and many of them and let us the Igbos be, as a matter of fact, Igbos don’t need minorities in the New Biafra project.

Igbos are who they are and will remain who they are, they cannot be you and you cannot be them.

Written by

Emeka John Onyema


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