“I am not a Biafran member … I merely cashed in on the situation at hand to make money”Lagos publisher

A NEWSPAPER publisher in Lagos, west genocidist Nigeria, who recently added Biafra Times to their publishing firm’s titles, has been arrested by police, accused of “sedition”, and had the entire business shut down (saharareporters, Monday 30 January 2017).

Speaking shortly after the arrest, the publisher insisted that they are “not a Biafran member … I merely cashed in on the situation at hand to make money”. The publisher is adamant:
“I am not aware that my publication is seditious. I only saw it from a commercial point of view. I have not registered the Biafra Times but my sports and politics papers are registered. I started Biafra Timesbecause we discovered that each time we ran Biafra stories on the other papers, we usually had huge sales.
“So, we thought that having a paper with Biafra in its title would attract more money for us. And it worked because we usually print between 6,000 to seven 7,000 copies a week and we sell. The paper is sold at N100 [“n” for naira, genocidist Nigeria currency] per copy but we give vendors at N60.
“I was trying to recoup the money I spent on setting up the printing press. I bought the four printing machines at N2.1 million each.
“That was when I decided to focus on Biafra Times. I am not a Biafran member, I merely cashed in on the situation at hand to make money.”
*****This Land of the Rising Sun, 280 miles east of the location of this publisher’s close encounter of the theatrical kind! Africa and the rest of the world cannot wait to witness the creative and transformational energy that will be unleashed in Biafra by an African people, building, reconstructing on their land and on their own terms – definitely not an engagement and process seen in Africa for ages… “Morning Yet On Creation Day”, as the Father of African Literature reminds us. (HE-E)*****


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