Ekwenche condemned the Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s  twisted logic glorifying Anti-Biafra  saying it effectively implied that violence against Biafrans  is justified.

“Far more worrying that the Governor who’s political party APC is linked to various degree of violent and terrorism had to come on national TV to make this remark.

It will be recalled that most of the people who fought and murdered innocent Biafrans are member of what is now known as political part APC.

This interview could have provided a teachable moment about how Jonathan’s actions are never a justification for anti-Biafra (Igbo), and that any linkage between the two is unacceptable.

Anti-Biafra (igbo) has been on the rise since 1945 but recently rocketed to high significant rate.

Biafrans are indigenous people and Anti-Biafra means death wish to the people of Biafra.

Governor Rotimi who was speaking at channels television political show politics today” made the despicable remark justifying the killing of Biafrans,Guineans, Chads. “You know when the president said his election is not wort the blood of any Nigerian you ask him all those Nigerians being killed are they Biafrans the police man that was killed in okirika is he from Biafra” Rotimi he said. Justifying the indiscriminate murder of indigenous people.

Several Biafrans are currently being held in captivity by nigeria security agents in one prison or the other.

The year 2013 totally 89 Biafrans belonging to various movements were killed by nigeria security forces and dumped in a Ezu river.

Nigeria is violating fundamental human rights of people of Biafra, one can only describe the attitude of nigeria security agents and government to the people of Biafra as that of nazi hitler ideology.

If no action is taken the anti-Biafra and Anti igbo will rise to the point of no return.


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