Do not allow ranches to be created for Fulani herdsmen anywhere in Biafraland. They have vast stretches of idle land in the north, and they have World Bank funds to create irrigation and water those idle plains. They can build all the ranches they want in their land, and they actually have the funds to do that. Why are they rejecting FG offer to create ranches for then up north? Why do they insist they want the ranches down south? Why?

The raging problem is not about grazing their cows. It is about Islam, conquering territories and land grabbing. And we must resist it. If I believed that we could tackle this with giving them land and then taxing them to deter them, I hereby withdraw that belief. The jihadists are ready to pay any sum so long as they are allowed to establish. The only option is to RESIST attempts to set apart any land in igboland for them to occupy.

If any of the Biafra provinces (states) want to set any land aside for ranching, it should be for their indigenes who want to go into the business of cattle breeding!

And for once, let southern Nigeria be pro-active. We must not always wait for them to initiate attacks and then go defensive. We surely can form Root Crop Farmers Association and then press the government for reserves in the North. We can form Traders Guild and demand to be given Lake Chad Basin. Must the fight always be on our turf?

Occupy Enugu and Ebonyi government houses, and press that their governments reject the Grazing bill. This mass action is the only thing that can save these states now. There’s information too about unprecedented number of the marauders converging in Orlu, Imo state. Surely, the people there can apply the Ihiagwa Women Solution. There isn’t enough land for industries and farms, and the infiltrators are asking for grazing land! Resist this!


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