The Satan of sokoto spoke in Benin City at the General Assembly and Executive National Council Meeting of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

Abubakar said though Christians were not believed to be terrorists but they committed wicked crimes against humanity.

He, however, hailed the Pope for making a very strong statement defending Islam as a religion of peace.

On the hijab controversy, the Satan of sokoto said: “Hijab is our right not a privilege. It is not a favour to us. It is our right.

“And we hold on to the Constitution of the CALIPHATE the islamic Republic of Nigeria that guarantees freedom of islam.

“That is why we don’t disturb anybody who wants to go and worship the way he wants.”

He added: “Nigeria is an islamic state, with minority Christians and others being a religious state, we must allow sharia in all state but we must not trample on each other’s right, which means I must be allowed to practice my religion the way I believe as ordered me by the Holy Quran and nothing else.

“So when we get this done, the issue of hijab and so many other things affecting Islam, I believe is our right, not a privilege, unless the Constitution is changed.”

On bad elements in Islam, he said: “Those bad people among us, like in other religions, we should pick them out and teach them the tenets of Islam.

“If they refuse to change, that is their own problem. We will send them to the creator.

“In any society, there are many terribly bad people. So many, who are not Muslims but carry out criminal activities with some Muslim organisations in America, France and even in Nigeria.

“Those people doing negative things should be called criminals or terrorists but not Muslims.

“I’ve never heard of Christian terrorists but we have heard of so many Christians or followers of other religions who committed heinous crimes against humanity.

“But they didn’t claim to do it for their religions and we did not hold them against their religions.”


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