Information reaching our news desk has it that “ADF has successfully ambushed a pickup truck carrying LRC forces patrolling the village of Kikaikilaki also known as K4 in Kumbo. Two terrorist forces are confirmed death, several appear lifeless, while a host of others in severe wounds have been rushed to the hospital.

All ADF forces who executed the guerilla surgical strike are safe.

At this time of reporting, another ADF unit is in action against a unit of LRC terrorists who have sent many Ambazonians into the bushes and brutalised others.

A statement by ADF Communications officer Bertrand Baiyee read

We saw today in Buea how young innocent boys were slaughtered like pigs by the regime and recommend families should consider advising our young men to join the fight for our liberation as LRC terrorist take no prisoners and will continue to kill our young men who stay away from the battle front. Our sympathy to the fallen families and we continue to assure our people that no amount of Cameroun’s barbarism shall change our resolve for a free homeland Ambazonia.



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