The hurricane was the strongest to hit the region in a decade. It kept up its hurricane strength with winds of at least 110mph (177km/h) for seven days. In Haiti, the poorest country in Latin America, it destroyed tens of thousands of homes, leaving more than 60,000 people staying in temporary shelters.

The UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator in Haiti, Mourad Wahba, said: “We are not far from having one million people who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.”

My political philosophy and the struggle which I am firmly carrying on in Haiti, in the basin of the Antilles and on the large international stage against Marxism-Leninism cause me to consider with apprehension the ever-increasing influence of communism in Nigeria. The planes,

weapons and experts of Soviet Russia are playing a paramount role in the

conflict. In fact, that great European power is eager to transform Nigeria into a satellite country and make sure of an operational base in the very heart of Africa, a new stage of its dream of world domination- a dream that dates back to Peter the Great and Catherine II.

The above statement was made by Dr. Francois Duvalier,President, Republic of Haiti while recognizing our right to defend ourself in pursuit of happiness. This great nation president didn’t end there he goes further.   The profound and generalized resentment of Nigeria against Biafra together with the will of domination of some nations jeopardizes the future of Biafrans and threaten to destroy the glorious Ibo tribes, descendants of those men who contributed to the founding of the Haitian homeland.

I think it is my duty to remind you that the Haitian Government cannot fail to express in all occasion its solidarity with the Biafrans whose ancestors played a capital role in the glorious epic of 1804.

From the point of view of international law as such, and account being taken of such norms as are generally agreed upon, I am of the opinion that Biafra fulfills the essential conditions to constitute a nation, namely: a material element, the territory and more especially, a human element:

the population. The said human element is united by race, religion, language, history, a set of laws. It is, furthermore, consolidated by the moral unity and the common will of Biafrans to group themselves under one banner. This general resolve adding to the community of origin and interest: The nation Biafra does exist, and, therefore, it is for her a scared duty to organize herself as a free and sovereign state.

The Recognition which the Government of the Republic of Haiti solemnly gives to the Republic of Biafra is based upon the cardinal principle of its foreign policy, namely the indefeasible right of peoples and governments to decide freely of their destiny. This recognition of the Republic of Biafra as a free and sovereign state is in keeping in line with my doctrine of government to participate in the defense of oppressed states and peoples.

I challenge every Igbo man and woman to please help, Donate a dollar each and we would help save life’s of those who saved us when the world

abandoned us, Haiti stood up and defended our civil and political rights. A natural disaster is unavoidable sometimes, Haiti has been a victim of this and breaks my heart. Please, brothers and sisters, we owe this to our

ancestors the founder of Haiti, we owe this to our self, we owe this to be

truth before man and G-d that we would never leave our brothers behind, it’s getting cold in the western world, Haiti lost 850 in just two days, its human tragedy.

I ask that you help, just a dollar each and we would provide temporary shelter, A tent, and probably medical support to this victim of natural disasters. those who would be willing to fly to Haiti or send it to Haiti Embassy would be a welcome development.

Once again do not trust what you read out there if you have not

been on the ground, Clinton foundation did not donate the fund given to them on behalf of Haitian people, it’s my right to help our people.

If only  half a million Igbo would donate a dollar each we would heal the wounds of several people in Haiti. This movement would change the way things are done in our name, we are solution based people. We are focused and good people of this lovely earth.

We are here to repair the world, Let us begin again, let us reset and think of helping our family that is today “ Haiti”. we don’t want big name charity taking the money we want it to reach the people of Haiti .

G-d bless you as you give.


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