Now that Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has been chosen by the Nigerian people, it is my duty as a patriotic Nigerian to help him succeed even though my candidate was President Goodluck Jonathan, a man to whom I will always be loyal and appreciative.

General Buhari is about to mount the saddle and I for one am in a very good position to tell him some home truths because as a senator-elect, I have a very fulfilling job awaiting me and I do not need a job or favours from Buhari so I do not have to play nice. Looking at the personalities he has appointed to his transition council, I am wont to believe that General Buhari needs to expand his circle of friends and advisers.

As a military strategist, the president-elect must be familiar with the principle that the people you use in subduing an opponent are not necessarily the same persons you will need in rebuilding the territories you took. I may be using military terms, but I am sure General Buhari is aware that politics is war by other means and therefore many of the rules of war and peace apply to politics.

The General will be best served if he thinks of what is best for Nigeria rather than what is best for his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), and its chieftains. He must remember that in Nigeria’s subjective politics, it was his person that the people voted for not his party and he should therefore serve the people the dish they are angling for.

And what are the expectations of Nigerians from General Buhari? Definitely not business as usual.
The president-elect ran on a promise of change and while that change was not really defined by its chanters, Nigerians defined it as a change in their situation.


  1. I WISH SENATOR. BEN-BRUCE, WILL SHUT-UP. Do you Know the Position of the Mafia in the Political Class of Mr. JONATHAN GOODLUCK’s Governament?. When you said (BUHARI WILL REGRET? I don’t think the appropriate appreciation of the danger of JONATHAN GOODLUCK’s Govt is well known by Mr. BEN-BRUCE. I want to believe that Democracy is more than just elections?.When you are saying that, you are going to tell BUHARI some home truth?. If you are a patriotic Nigerian as you claimed, then you should help your Constituency, where you are elected to help them under PDP ,but not BUHARI.(APC). You and your president GoodLuck have no moral lessons at all to give to Nigerians or BUHARI’s Administration Mr. BEN., When glaring Corruption Charges against individuals, Institutions,Agencies,Public Servants, Politicians,, Leaders, Liars, Cheats, Crook Politicians,Investigations were refused to be made against them and punish in accordance with the Law?. You said BUHARI promised Change, when he has not define his field of change?. I don’t know if you know the promises JONATHAN made to Nigerians before he was elected sir?.He promised the Nigerians Heaven and Earth,of Change. JONATHAN promised Change of the Judiciary, that it will uphold the rule of Law., Political Reforms, he will take the public Interest seriously,where reality is much absurd in order to give the Nigerians a sense of satisfaction, That he will forget his personal ambitions and give the Nation a better future & make the Nation feel like a community, That,he will help the Nigerians who can not help themselves due to poverty and changing the Educational system by reforms, that his Govt. will have more moral credibility and Authority. That his Democracy will depend on Institutions,greater than the Leaders,or Individuals,by pulling the country together,, that there will be progress and achievements economically,That there won’t be manupulations of the country’s Financial Statistics anymore or Financial misappropriations., That Fundamental human rights of the citizens will be respected, That there will be moral justification now by the country’s politicians,& Leaders,sitting in parliament to make laws that will bind all the citizens and not only the lesser mortals. That there will be Social Justice, and by providing Electricity to the Country in less than three months of his term in office and many other lies that he will wipe out totally Corruption etc. That was exactly the opposite of his Govt. and Administration, as you are seeking to help BUHARI and his APC Mr. BEN-BRUCE. Do you really know what you are saying? What of JONATHAN’s Foreign policy and the image of Nigeria in the world today? do you know it? I wish you are not Lobbying in his Administration for a bypartisan or Govt. of National Unity Mr. BEN? You have no moral credibility or Lesson to give to Buhari MUHAMMADU, for whatsoever reason please shut up sir. M.G.Yakubu.


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